Home Country:Russia
Weight:254 LBS.
Fighting Style:Combination of American and Russian Wrestling
Blood Type:A
Likes:*Wrestling with Bears
Dislikes:*Pretty women
  • Hadouken
  • First Appearance:Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior


    [edit] Story

    [edit] Pre-Street Fighter

    Zangief is a professional Bear wrestler. He has participated in many Russian Wrestling tournaments and eventually won the Russian wrestling championship, he would also win the respect of not just the Russian people but the Russian government as well and even goes by the name "The Red Cyclone". He also has trained in American wrestling as well as he has heard of Mike Haggar and has taught himself to learn his "Spinning Lariat" special move.

    [edit] Street Fighter Alpha 3

    After winning the Russian wrestling championship, he went on an adventure to prove his strength and to show that his fighting style is the best. During his adventures, he came to Japan where he met a Sumo Wrestler E.Honda and fought him, he also met with a female Japanese wrestler named R.Mika and fought her as well and has taken quite a liking to his Japanese opponents.

    [edit] =Street Fighter 2

    Zangief had received more recognition for his strength and wrestling ability. He has recevied an invitation to the World Warrior Tournament sponsored by an international criminal organization Shadaloo. Zangief has fought against the warrior Ryu and lost to him as he couldn't face the warriors' special moves. But Zangief refuses to quit as goes back to Russia and train.

    [edit] Street Fighter 4

    Zangief receives another invitation by Shadaloo's sister organization S.I.N. During this tournament he has again met with E.Honda and has fought him, he has also met with a Lucha Libre wrestler and chef El Fuerte and has fought him as well. After the tournament Zangief has been asked by El Fuerte to come to his restaurant, he and E. Honda had joined El Fuerte as El Fuerte made a "special dish" for his guests, unfortunately for Honda and Zangief, El Fuerte's "special dish" wasn't exactly what they thought.

    [edit] Character Relations

    • Ryu~It's uncertain when Zangief met Ryu, but they fought one time with Ryu winning by using the Hadouken to his advantage. But still, Zangief holds Ryu with high esteem.
    • E. Honda~It's uncertain when Zangief met Honda, but they fought each other one time (who won is uncertain). They became good friends and met again at one of El Fuerte's restaurants.
    • R.Mika~One of Zangief's acquaintances. He respects her as a good wrestler and encourages her to continue training in her wrestling style.
    • El Fuerte~Zangief had fought against this eager wrestler to show who was stronger and was later invited to his restaurant.

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