Home Country:China
Height:5' 9"
Weight:126 LBS
Fighting Style:Kung Fu
First Appearence:Street Fighter III

Yun’s full name is Yun Lee and he has a twin brother named Yang. They were relatives to their uncle Lee who took part in the very first World Tournament. Although Yun and Yang have never met him before, they were trained in Kung Fu by Gen, whom their uncle was close to and personally requested he do so. Alongside his twin brother, Yun entered the third World Warrior tournament which would allow him to properly showcase his fighting prowess. They soon ran into Gill and challenged him to a fight. Gill, in appreciation of their spirit and drive, allowed them full control of the town in which they were raised. But they humbly turned down this offer since their goal to stop this madman had already been achieved, and that was enough.

[edit] Street Fighter III

In Yun’s very first appearance, he is searching the world with his twin brother Yang for Fei Long, the renowned movie star, for the purpose of possibly becoming famous film icons back where they live. Along the way, they stumble upon Dee Jay. Coincidentally knowing Fei Long, Yun defeats him in a fight. Later onward, Yun picks up rumours that Fei Long is tied up in a drug operation, which in reality is actually Shadaloo. Dee Jay fails to believe this, denying that a man such as him would ever stoop to such a low point of society. After swapping vital information with the twin brothers about where they’d be able to locate Fei Long, they eventually find him. After the truth is beaten out of him through a fight, Fei Long admits that he was following this drug trade to stumble upon who these culprits were actually working for, no doubt coming to the conclusion that it was M. Bison. Yun and Yang decide to team up with Fei Long in order to bring this maddened tyrant down and save their hometown in the process. They fight their way through The Dolls, Shadaloo lackeys, ultimately making their way to the head of the organization. Once Yun reaches M. Bison, he finds Fei Long defeated before him. After they turn down M. Bison’s sinister invitation to join his ranks, they clash in a final battle and eventually defeat the evil ruler once and for all. After delivering his gratitude, Fei Long makes Yun and Yang movie stars, starring in their very own film known as Street King 2: Three Dragons, which evidently became a huge hit throughout Hong Kong.

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