User:Wigthers 2000

Wigthers 2000
Wigthers 2000.jpg
Home Country:Unknown
Age:25 Years
Join Date:18 April 2003

Wigthers 2000 has joined Neoseeker in 2003. This member is interested in different typs of video games. He is very prominent in the information of the Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Megaman and Street Fighter. Wigthers 2000 outside is also an athelete of Special Olympics as he does Floor Hockey, bowling, and softball. Wigthers is also into action movies and is also determined to expand his knowledge for the world, and he is also a very nice person.

Neo Friends

Wigthers 2000 has met quite a number of Neomembers for the 5 years he has going onto Neoseeker. Some helped him to become acquainted to the website, some even shared their interest in video games to him. Some members showed him the way of other websites. They were very friendly and nice to him.

Mega Freak 2

Mega Freak 2 also had a interest for Megaman. So, he shared his knowledge and enthusuasm to Wigthers 2000.


MegaDemon helped Wigthers 2000 become acquainted to Neoseeker. She was a really good Neo Friend to him, and she also has an interest for Anime.


Stargirl is also a good Neo Friend. She introduced him to a website called Neopets.


There is an event on Neoseeker (or at least a number of times) called a Neo-Auction. This is when Neo-Members can own other Neo-Members. Wigthers 2000 has participated in this event several times, and he was owned by other Neo-Members. Some good some bad. Wigthers 2000 is not the oe to have a Neo-Enemy", as he would rather make friends than enemies.

Harvest Moon Girl

Harvest Moon Girl at one of the Neo-Auctions, owned Wigthers 2000. Though, it is unclear at this point, but she led to the downfall of Wigthers 200's anti-spam originization "Maverick Hunter (which he formed with Mega Freak 2). Though, her true itentions are still a mystery, so Wigthers 2000 is not axious to go after her.