Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Street Fighter III (Third Strike)
Platform(s)Arcade, Dreamcast, Playstation 2, Xbox
Release DatesArcade
(JP) May 12, 1999
(JP) June 29, 2000
(NA) October 4, 2000

Playstation 2
(JP) July 22, 2004

(JP) July 22, 2004

Mode(s)Single Player, Multiplayer
Designer(s)Tomoshi Sadamoto (producer) Yasuhiro Seto, Tomonori Ohmura, Obata Shinichiro, Halachie du Harais, Hidetoshi Ishizawa (planner)

Street Fighter III: Third is the final game in the Street Fighter III franchise, first being released in the Arcades as "New Generation" and later got updated to consoles with Street Fighter: Second Impact, which made Street Fighter III be the first generation to break away from the arcades, and jump into consoles in homes worldwide. The new features in Third Impact that was added from Street Fighter: Second Impact included:

  • Storyline Continual- There 5 additional characters available in Third Strike more than there was in Street Fighter: Second Impact and eight more than the original Street Fighter III (New Generation). The now 20 character extended Street Fighter were given voice actors, alternate storyline endings and plots, continuing from the storyline that were lacking in the first two of the Street Fighter III trilogy.
  • Updated Rival Battle- This has to do with the updated single player mode in the game. Instead of facing off against the usual medley of eight opponents, the user has to bypass ten including Gill, with the exception that if you're playing Gill you'll be facing off against Alex as your final boss. If certain qualifications are met throughout the single player mode, the player will have the opportunity to battle against his or her "rival", with a dialogue scene in the beginning of the bout.
  • Guard Parry- Also known as a "red parry" because the player's character glows red when performing it.
  • Judgment System-After the match, the winner gets rated on a letter grade scale, based on his/her offense, defense, technique, and extra points. The user gets graded in every category. It is graded on a scale from A-D, with A being the best score a player can earn with D being the worst. Extra points can be earned by fulfilling specific match requirements.

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