Street Fighter 3: Second Impact

Street Fighter III (Second Impact)
2nd Imapct Logo.jpg
Platform(s)Arcade, Dreamcast
Release DatesArcade
(JP) October 30, 1997
(JP) December 16, 1999
(NA) June 19, 2000
(EU) September 15, 2000

Mode(s)Single Player, Multiplayer
Designer(s)Tomoshi Sadamoto (producer) Yasuhiro Seto, Tomonori Ohmura, Obata Shinichiro, Halachie du Harais, Hidetoshi Ishizawa (planner)

Street Fighter III: Second Impact is a game in the Street Fighter franchise, first being released in the Arcades as "New Generation" but later got updated to consoles with Street Fighter: Second Impact and Street Fighter: 3rd Strike, which made Street Fighter III be the first generation to break away from the arcades, and jump into consoles in homes worldwide. The new features in Second Impact that was added to New Generation included:

  • EX Special Moves- These are more powerful verions to the 'Super Arts" combos/moves introduced in Street Fighter 3. The user performs an EX Special by using a portion of his/her Super Art gauge, and inputting 2 buttons instead of the usual one.
  • Rival Battle- This has to do with the updated single player mode in the game. The user faces off against the usual medley of eight opponents, including the individual final bosses, which corresponds with the character the player is using. If certain qualifications are met throughout the sigle player mode, the player will have the opportunity to battle against his or her "rival", with a dialogue scene in the beggining of the bout.

[edit] Character List

[edit] New Characters

-Take note that Shin Akuma is available in the arcade version, but is an unplayable character on the Dreamcast console.

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