Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
Directed By:Gisaburō Sugii
Produced By:* Mitsuhisa Hida
  • Akio Sakai
  • Takeshi Sekiguchi
  • Megumi Sugiyama
Written By:Kenichi Imai
Studio:Group TAC
Distributed By:Toei
Release Date:August 8, 1994
Run Time:102 minutes
Language:Japanese (Original)

[edit] Plot

The film begins with Japanese martial artist Ryu facing off against Muay Thai champion Sagat. With the thunder roaring in the background, the two fight an epic duel. However, despite his renowned strength and abilities, Sagat has some difficulty defeating his opponent. Channeling his chi, he unleashes his built-up internal energy at his challenger. Ryu evades the blow, but Sagat knocks him down with a couple of kicks. Sagat attempts to finish Ryu off. However, Ryu counter-attacks with his technique the Shoryuken, inflicting a severe wound on Sagat's chest, a wound that later becomes Sagat's trademark scar. Enraged, Sagat charges towards Ryu. Ryu gathers his internal energy and unleashes it in the form of a Hadouken, which cuts to the film's title.

Time has passed since his battle with Sagat, and Ryu now travels the Asian continent in search of battle. On the other side of the world, Ken, Ryu's old training partner, friend, and rival, finds himself dissatisfied with the lack of challenge. Eagerly desiring a rematch with Ryu, he reminisces over his childhood experiences. Meanwhile, a terrorist organization called Shadoloo, led by a man named M. Bison, plots to kidnap Street Fighters around the world in order to brainwash them and use them to carry out assassinations. After witnessing footage of Ryu's battle against Sagat, who now serves as one of Bison's three lieutenants along with Balrog and Vega, Bison gains an interest in capturing Ryu due to his immense fighting potential.

Chun-Li, an Interpol agent with a personal score to settle with Bison, seeks the help of Guile, whom she enlists in locating Ryu. While gathering information on Ryu's known whereabouts, they also warn other Street Fighters, such as Dee Jay, to look out for Monitor Cyborgs in their general vicinity. This attracts Bison's attention, and he subsequently dispatches Vega to New York City to kill Chun-Li. In New York, Vega ambushes Chun-Li in her apartment, and they engage in a vicious and bloody duel. Vega eventually removes his mask, and after taking some severe blows to his "beautiful face", becomes enraged and begins attacking her much more aggressively. The fight takes its toll on both fighters, but Chun-Li emerges as the victor by actually kicking Vega through the wall and sending him falling to the street below (via the Hundred Burst Kick), albeit at a heavy cost: she passes out from blood loss and slips into a coma just as Guile arrives to help.

Guile continues the investigation in place of Chun-Li, vowing revenge for what Bison did to the both of them. Bison gains an interest in Ken after seeing Monitor Cyborg footage of him fighting T.Hawk and notices that Ken uses the same martial art style as Ryu. Meanwhile, rumors of an underground terrorist organization named Shadoloo that has unleashed several attacks on worldwide governments and political figures (one of which was an English politician killed by Cammy early on in the film) attracts the interest of Interpol. After learning of Ken's whereabouts, Bison heads over to Seattle, Washington. Ken, meanwhile, is driving home after dropping off Eliza, to whom he has just proposed. On the way, though, he's ambushed by Bison, who captures him easily. Guile arrives after Bison's VTOL jet flies away only to find Ken's vacant car in the middle of a deserted road. With no other leads, Guile heads to Southeast Asia in the hopes of getting to Ryu before Bison does. Bison, however is aware of Guile's intentions and sets out on an intercept course with Ken in tow. Sagat begs Bison to allow him to fight Ryu again, but Bison reminds Sagat that he has orders to go to New York to eliminate Cammy (who is in custody at Interpol) and Vega. Out in Southeast Asia, Guile finds Ryu and warns him of the plot and the possibility that Ken may have been brainwashed. At that point Bison arrives. He and Ken step out of the jet.

Controlled by Bison, Ken fights Ryu with a seething rage. Ryu, unwilling to hurt his friend, attempts to reason with him. Bison defeats Guile easily, while Bison's henchman Balrog and E.Honda fight (while rolling off the mountain in the process). Meanwhile, Ken beats Ryu savagely. But just before Ryu can finally retaliate, memories of the past wreak havoc on Ken's mind, and finally, through memories of his past with Ryu, Ken succeeds in breaking Bison's influence on him. However, an enraged Bison appears and uses his power to knock him out, and then tosses him into the forest behind the battlefield. With no help at hand, Ryu takes on Bison alone and is beaten back. Ken regains consciousness, and discovers he cannot move his legs, but finally manages to climb to the top of a hill and witnesses Ryu's battle against Bison. Upon seeing this, Ken recalls his master's teachings of Neijia and the I Ching to heal his body and rejoins the battle. The two fight Bison viciously, and are initially no match for the Shadoloo leader while fighting him in turns. Ultimately, Ryu and Ken work together to fire a combined Hadouken which strikes Bison directly in the chest and rockets him into the sky. However, the Hadouken immediately bounces back and hits Bison's VTOL jet, destroying it, but Bison himself is nowhere to be seen. E. Honda reemerges carrying the unconscious bodies of Guile and Balrog to witness the end of the spectacle.

Later that night, a combined Interpol and Military air strike successfully locates, and bombards Shadoloo's main base of operations. Guile returns to the hospital and finds out that Chun-Li has recovered from her injuries (after she plays a practical joke on him).

Somewhere in the United States, Ryu and Ken bid farewell to each other, as Eliza arrives to pick Ken up. Ryu begins his journey anew. That is, until he sees a huge truck heading right for him with Bison, who survived the dual Hadouken, in the driver's seat. Ryu prepares for another round against the Shadoloo leader.

[edit] Characters

Character Japanese VA English VA
Ryu Kōjirō Shimizu Skip Stellrecht
Ken Masters Kenji Haga Eddie Frierson
Chun-Li Miki Fujitani Lia Sargent
Guile Masane Tsukayama Kirk Thornton
M. Bison Takeshi Kusaka Tom Wyner
Sagat Shigezo Sasaoka Peter Spellos
Vega Kaneto Shiozawa Richard Cansino
Balrog Jōji Nakata Joe Romersa
E.Honda Daisuke Gōri Richard Epcar
Dhalsim Yukimasa Kishino Don Carey
Cammy Yōko Sasaki Debra Jean Rogers
Fei Long Masakatsu Funaki Bryan Cranston
Dee Jay Ginzō Matsuo Beau Billingslea
T.Hawk Shōzō Iizuka Steve Blum
Blanka Unshō Ishizuka Tom Carlton
Zangief Tetsuo Kaneo William Johnson
Eliza Toni Burke
Old Scientist Chikao Ōtsuka Leo Gray
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