Home Country:Japan
Height:6' 10"
Weight:264 LBS.
Fighting Style:Self Taught
First Appearence:Final Fight

A mysterious man who is carrying on the way of the old samurai for his home country of Japan. However, during training, he had failed an important test and violated several samurai codes. After his dissmissal from his school and defected from Japan, Sodom moved to the United States, and with his skills, he has joined the criminal orginization "Mad Gear" in metro City. He was determined to help the Mad Gear tighten its grip on the city. But, things did not go well for Sodom as he was defewted by Guy, Cody, and Mayor Mike Haggar. As Mad Gear was eventually defeated by the trio and Belger's death, Sodom's intention is to get Mad Gear back and act revenge on Guy and Cody.

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