Home Country:Unknown
Fighting Style:Unknown
First Appearence:Street Fighter IV

[edit] Story

Seth is the main antagonist in Street Fighter 4, and the final boss for most characters. He is the head of S.I.N. (Shadaloo Intimidation Network), which is the division in Shadaloo that is responsible for weapon designs and theories. It is said that Seth was originally created as a genetically-altered replacement body for M.Bison. Seth looks fantastical, resembling an almost android appearance and physique with the distinctive chrome skin he adorns and his phenomenally muscular physique. His abdomen is accentuated with the 8 trigrams from the Taoist cosmology, a yin-yang spherical-object. This object seems to be the source of Seth's power, where he takes and records information about other fighters to later on use their skills. He calls it his "Tanden Engine". Seth is created as the fifteenth out of twenty-six artificially enhanced bodies that were meant to serve as M.Bison's replacement bodies, but Seth exceeded expectations over the rest by far by claiming superiority over the others - he claimed he retained his humanity while the others were just mere puppets. This may be what allows Seth to be far different from previous antagonists, Seth is always depicted as calculated and calm compared to others who have been overcome by their emotions. Seth in Street Fighter 4 hosts the World Tournament, with the help of Juri Han, in hopes of luring in top tier fighters like Ryu to help complete his BLECE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Cell Explosion) project. (Rumor has it that he needed someone who had the Satsui no Hadou to finish it.) His plans were cut short though, with the unexpected return of M.Bison, much to Seth's dismay. The two fight and Bison quickly defeats Seth, saying that this had been all part of his plot all along. Juri Han afterwords said that she knew about M.Bison, but she had hoped that Seth would prove more of a challenge to M.Bison. She destoys his Tanden Engine, leaving him on the floor convulsing until Crimson Viper comes and finishes him off. Ryu also defeats and destoys another "Seth" in the BLECE room and destroys the machine. Seemingly every character destroys a different version of Seth.

[edit] Special Moves

Seth may be the most versatile character in all of Street Fighter 4 moves-wise, thanks to his Tanden Engine. He can mimic the special moves of various characters in the game. He possesses various attacks such as: Zangief's piledriver, Chun-Li and El Fuerte's Wall Jumps, Chun-Li's Yosokyaku and a variation of her Lightning Legs, Akuma and Gouken's Tenmakujinkyaku (Dive Kick), as well as vacuum blasts with the flick of his wrists, similar to Charlie's Sonic Boom. He also has the three-hit Shoryuken similar to those of Ryu, Akuma, Sakura, Dan, and Gouken.

  • Shoryuken

Similar to the three hit Shoryuken possessed by Sakura, Dan, Akuma, Ryu, and Gouken, Seth's Shoryuken shares the most similar resemblance to Ryu's. Jumping Uppercut where the user skyrockets vertically and connects with his opponent.

  • Spinning Piledriver

Derived from Zangief. Seth first uppercuts the opponent in the abdomen/jaw forcing them up into the air in a juggle state, then teleports up above the foe to proceed to slam them down into the ground with impressive force.

  • Yoga Teleport

Derived from Dhalsim. User goes into a levitating "Lotus Position" and teleports to another location on-screen. The location depends on the direction used and the punch power used. Though a bit different from Dhalsim's, Seth cannot perform this move mid-air.

  • Tanden Engine

Seth brings his hands together in front of his abdomen and generates a miniature black hole which sucks the opponent toward Seth. The attack does not deal damage and is intended to put the opponent off balance, creating an opening to initiate a damaging attack or combo. Its effective range depends on the punch button used.

[edit] Super Combos

  • Tanden Storm

Seth produces a ball of energy that draws in his opponent and hits them repeatedly before blasting them away. This move will not properly connect if your opponent is in the air, as they will be juggled, taking little damage.

  • Tanden Stream

Seth attempts to draw the opponent into his stomach and then hurls them into the screen. Can be guarded simply by holding back. Doesn't do very much damage, but charges quick due to Seth's low defense.

  • Tanden Typhoon

Seth twists his body into an arc, with his feet and head on the ground and his stomach facing upwards. He then unleashes a violent vortex diagonally upwards.

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