Home Country:Japan
Height:5' 3"
Weight:112 LBS.
Fighting Style:Shotokan Karate
First Appearance:Street Fighter Alpha 2

Sakura was your ordinary Japanese school girl, pretty, and smart. But, one day as she was looking at colleges to go to after her graduation from her school. She was harassed by three men from one college. Since then, she dramatically changed her personality and looks, she even took up shotokan karate. At first it was for self defense. But when she overheard form several of her dojo classmates about a shotokan karate fighter named Ryu defeating the King of the Street Fighters Sagat, she began to use her fighting skills just like Ryu can, and to street fight. She is also desperate to find and battle Ryu, so she can show to him that she is a powerful fighter as well.

Then, she ran into another Japanese school girl named Karin who was a member of a private school for rich students. She and Karin fought, with Sakura emerging on the winning side. Now, Sakura dedicates her life to mastering karate and the energy within just as much as Ryu.

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