Home Country:Thailand
Height:7' 4"
Weight:287 LBS.
Fighting Style:Muay Thai
First Appearence;Street Fighter


[edit] Pre-Street Fighter

Sagat has an exceptional fighting prowess in his native martial art of Muay Thai. His exceptional skills have earned Sagat many titles such as "The Emperor of Muay Thai" and has earned fame and respect in his native country of Thailand, even eager Muay Thai practitioner named Adon wanted to train under Sagat's tutelage. To further his reputation beyond the borders of Thailand, he has entered a tournament known as "The World Warrior". Even in this "No Holds Barred" martial arts tournament, Sagat has defeated many opponents and eventually won the tournament's championship called "The King of The Street Fighters".

[edit] Street Fighter

Around the next World Warrior tournament. Sagat remained in his native Thailand as he was the tournament's champion. In the finals, he faced a Japanese fighter Ryu who was taught in Ansatsuken. The fight was intense and brutal, and though Sagat was the victor in the finals, Ryu was overwhelmed by his desire to win the tournament and was succumbed to the "Satsui No Hadou" and used the Metsu Shoryuken on Sagat which turned the outcome of the tournament finals. Sagat would spend most of his time after the tournament recovering and training. Sagat will soon discover that Ryu's move have left a huge and grotesque scar on his chest, but it wasn't just Sagat's chest that was scarred, it was also his reputation and respect that he brought along with his fighting prowess. Adon would also soon leave Sagat after hearing his defeat. Sagat would be consumed by vengeance and his own desire to regain not just his beloved championship but also his well earned respect.

[edit] Street Fighter Alpha Series

Sagat begins training in hopes to defeat Ryu in the next World Warrior Tournament and to regain his lost glory. With this, he travels the world to face other powerful fighters and to temporarily satisfy his revenge. Though, when he returned to Thailand he was confronted by his former training partner and protege Adon who challenged Sagat to a fight, they fought furiously and Adon won as a result. After a while, Sagat began training again only to be interrupted by another Japanese fighter named Dan Hibiki who wanted revenge on Sagat as Sagat killed Dan's father Go in a World Warrior Tournament which Go used a move that destroyed Sagat's right eye. Knowing what kind of fighter Dan was, Sagat lets Dan defeat him. As Sagat was defeated, he was encountered once again, this time by a man named M.Bison who has heard of Sagat's defeat to Ryu in the World Warrior Tournament and has offered Sagat a place in his international criminal organization known as Shadaloo. Bison would also promise Sagat what he truly desires: A re-match with Ryu. Knowing that this offer is something he can't refuse, Sagat agrees to join Shadaloo. Sagat begins training again to prepare himself for his re-match with Ryu. He was then encountered by Ryu's friends: Ken Masters and Sakura who are searching for Ryu as he went missing venturing to discover and suppressing the Satsui No Hadou within him. Little does Sagat know that Bison has defeated Ryu and fused the Satsui No Hadou with his own Psycho Power, turning him into Evil Ryu. Sagat fights Ryu while Ken and Sakura fight Bison. Though Ken and Sakura would lose to Bison, Sagat would triumph over Evil Ryu. Then, Ryu struggles mightily to contain his cursed power, but word of encouragement by his friends and Sagat help Ryu overcome both the Satsui No Hadou and the Psycho Power and then use it against Bison, defeating him. As the 4 fighters return to Japan, they say their goodbyes as Ryu will continue his journey to improve himself and in an attempt to overcome the Satsui No Hadou. Sagat meanwhile will also venture back to Thailand to train in hopes for a *real* re-match with Ryu as he considers his victory over Ryu empty, knowing that Bison's tricks can't satisfy his desires and wants to fight Ryu with both fighters using their own strength from within themselves.

[edit] Street Fighter 2

Several years pass and Sagat has trained immensely to have a re-match with Ryu. As he receives an invitation by Bison to compete in another World Warrior Tournament, he accepts this as it's his opportunity to have his re-match he truly desires. Unfortunately for Sagat, this won't come to pass as Ryu would lose in this tournament, with it Sagat decides to drop out as fighting against Ryu is his only purpose competing in the tournament. Sagat leaves as Ryu and Ken along with Guile and Chun-Li fight Bison as they discover that the tournament was a part of Bison's plans for world domination. Though Chun-Li and Guile would be defeated, Ryu and Ken fought Bison until Akuma kills Bison with the Raging Demon. Sagat returns to Thailand to once again train for his desired re-match with Ryu.

[edit] Street Fighter 4

Some time has passed after the World Warrior tournament, and Sagat hears that Shadaloo has returned. But has no desire for the organization's rumored return as Sagat's only purpose is to fight against Ryu. Eventually, Sagat encounters Ryu and fights him. Though the outcome of this fight is still unclear, but whoever was the victor Sagat is now satisfied as he got his desired re-match.

[edit] Fighting Style/Special moves

Sagat is a practioner of Muay Thai, a dangerous martial art that emphasizes striking with elbows and knees as well as fists and feet. Sagat has decided to use his art along with the presence and prowess of a Tiger (hence why most of his special moves have the name Tiger).

  • Tiger Shot

This is Sagat's primary special move. By bringing his forearms back and clashing his fists by the thumbs, he can shoot out a big surge of energy. Overtime, Sagat has also taught himself to use this move while kneeling to compensate for his huge size disadvantage.

  • Tiger Uppercut

After Sagat's defeat to Ryu, Sagat felt that he needed to teach himself a derivative of the Shoryuken that has felled him in the World Warrior Tournament. This is when he developed this move, using his big size, he can land several hits with this move.

  • Tiger Knee

Along with his punching moves. Sagat also had to focus on his legs as well. But to be fair in his fights he wanted to use his knees in a move. This is where this move comes in, a simple move where Sagat takes a small leap in the air and can land 2 hits if close enough.

  • Tiger Cannon

In another effort to act revenge on Ryu, Sagat also wanted another move to duplicate Ryu's style (after hearing about Ryu's Shinku Hadouken). By concentrating all of his energy in his fists he can throw out an even bigger surge of energy that can hit his opponent 6 times.

  • Tiger Genocide

Sagat also wanted to add a Tiger Knee/Tiger Uppercut combination. This is where he came up with the Tiger Genocide. He uses 1 Tiger Knee and 2 Tiger Uppercuts.

  • Tiger Raid

Sagat knows that if he wants to win against Ryu, he must utilize his kicks as well as his punches. In an attempt to develop a true kicking move, Sagat by chance developed this. This is where he uses his kicks in one amazing fashion.

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