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Home Country:United States
Height:6' 5" (1.95 m)
Weight:407 LBS.
Fighting Style:Uknown (He claims it's Kung Fu)
Blood Type:O
Likes:*Candy (His Grilfriend)
  • Martial Arts Movies
  • Popcorn
  • Motorcycles
  • Charisma
  • His "Perfect Abs of Steel"
Dislikes:*Ken Masters
First Appearence:Street Fighter IV

[edit] Story

[edit] Street Fighter 4

Rufus is a loud, bragging fighter from the United States. Information regarding to Rufus' past is uncertain. But it's said that he had grown up watching martial arts movies (Fei Long movies in particular) and by ordering Martial Art practcing video tapes. He hopes to become the best American martial artist. Though, upon hearing that a fighter named Ken Masters had won the all-american martial arts tournament, Rufus has made himself to hate Ken and everything about him. One time after winning a martial arts tournament he had thought to celebrate by going to a local diner where he met a pretty (though not bright) woman named Candy by helping her out and pay her check with his recently won fight money, after that Candy had decide to join Rufus on his adventures. Rufus and Candy one time were stuck in the desert in the southwest United States, then Ken (with Ryu) drives by and asks Rufus for help but Rufus refuses as it's Ken and becomes really upset. A few hours later, he and Candy came across a gas station that fixed Rufus' Motorcycle, he and Candy were bragging on how proclaimingly good Rufus is as a martial artist. After when Rufus' Motorcycle was fixed, he and Candy continued their adventure. Then Candy was becoming tired of the desert heat and wants Rufus to go to the North Pole, Rufus complies.

[edit] Fighting Style

Despite Rufus being morbidly obese and not having a real visceral sense of martial arts, he is a formidable fighter on the fighting grounds. His training is self taught by being a martial arts movies fan and ordering video tapes on the studying of martial arts.

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