Home Country:United States of America
Height:5' 9"
Weight:170 LBS
Fighting Style:Special Forces Training
Blood Type:O
Likes:* Dicipline
Dislikes:* Weaklings
  • Guy
  • Cody
  • Mayor Mike Haggar
  • First Appearence:Street Fighter Alpha 2

    [edit] Overview

    Rolento is a Street Fighter character who first appeared as a boss in the Final Fight series along with Sodom, he later became a fully playable character after his appearance in the roster of Street Fighter Alpha 2. Rolento initially appeared as the third official character rendered as a playable fighter in the Alpha series, along with Guy and Sodom. He made his debut on this installment’s roster, along with making a guest appearance in Sodom’s ending video in Alpha 1. His move set has notably been recycled from his Final Fight counterpart. According to the storyline, Rolento has broken away from the Mad Gear gang and plans to create his own perfect society through his hands. During his arcade playthrough, he battles Sodom as a sub-boss, with Guy ending up as his final opponent, coincidentally enough. If victorious, his story ends with a successful takeover of Metro City by means of a personal tank.

    [edit] Story

    • Final Fight

    Rolento was once a member of the Mad Gear gang which controled Metro City. As the gamg kidnaps Jessica (Mayor Mike Haggar's daughter) Rolento was responsible for leading the gang in Metro City's Industrial Area. As Guy, Cody and Mike Haggar reached the Industrial Area, Rolento fights the trio, but despite his fighting skills, he was defeated by the fighting trio. He would disappear soon thereafter.

    • Final Fight 2

    It would not be until a few months later that Rolento would re-surface and try to act revenge on Mayor Mike Haggar for his defeat. Rolento was the leader of the European opperations of a revived Mad Gear gang, Rolento was found by Haggar, Maki and Carlos Miyamoto in Italy. Once again he was defeated, he then told Haggar and his friends about Maki's family (her sister Rena and her father Genryusai) were in Japan being held by Rolento's master, Retu. Even with his defeat, Rolento never relinquished from his desire for power.

    • Street Fighter Alpha 3

    In this installment, Rolento recalls Cody as a strong fighter from earlier on, which leads him on a search for him with the intention of making him a recruit. Upon finding him in his trademark prison attire, Rolento remembers his loss against Guy back when he was a grunt within the Mad Gear gang, so seeing Cody in this situation turned him away from his previous intentions(even though he had turned down his offer anyway). He later encounters Sodom and successfully defeats him, bringing his fallen opponent to the realization that Rolento is losing the entire point of why he joined the Mad Gear gang in the first place. Fate eventually leads Rolento to M. Bison after attempting to swipe weapons from his organization known as Shadaloo, gaining education on the Psycho Drive and it’s nearly limitless potential. Luckily, he refuses to twist it to his own means since he prefers his followers retain their own free will. After stalking him some, Sodom coincidentally overhears Rolento talking this over to himself and recoils at his previous revelation, understanding that Rolento hasn’t lost sight of what Mad Gear stands for. With this, the pair reach a compromise and team up to make both of their dreams come true.

    [edit] Later Appearances

    Following the climax of Alpha 3, Rolento then appeared in a North American spin-off of the Final Fight series known as Final Fight Revenge. His move set remains unchanged as well as his structured backstory considering it takes place somewhere in the middle of Alpha 2 and 3. It is hinted that he is the reason for D.Dark’s spiral into madness. The reason for Rolento’s gaping absence from Street Fighter IV is because Capcom USA couldn’t clear this character’s Final Fight licensing, unfortunately enough.

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