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Home Country:United States
Height:5' 9"
Fighting Style:Street Fighting w/ Acrobatic skills
  • French Fries
  • Chinese Food
  • Cody
  • Police
  • Guy
  • Mike Haggar
  • Roxy
  • Jessica
  • First AppearenceFinal Fight (Japanese Version)


    [edit] Story

    [edit] Final Fight

    Poison Kiss was one of the many members of the Mad Gear Gang. Before Mike Haggar was elected mayor of Metro City, Poison sponsored and promoted many underground fights in the city (mostly for the Andore family). But, what Poison would soon realize that she has developed a massive crush on Cody for his physical appearence and his impressive street fighting skills. But as Mike Haggar is elected the city's new mayor and decides to make Metro City a better place to live, the Mad Gear Gang acted quickly to make sure things continue to go their way. They do this by kidnapping Haggar's daughter Jessica. Poison soon realized that Jessica is Cody's girlfriend and decides to help the gang defeat Haggar and his partners Cody and Guy. But, the trio previaled and made to Belger and Cody defeats the leader of Mad Gear with the hero uppercut. This would deliver a huge blow to the Mad Gear and Poison would go to prison for her crimes soon thereafter.

    [edit] Final Fight Revenge

    Some time after the fall of the Mad Gear Gang, what is left of the gang has established their own fighting tournament. Poison decides to participate to show her skills. Though it is uncertain how far Poison progressed, but to act revenge on Cody, she set him up for a crime and succeeded in landing him in prison. Though she visited Cody in prison but Cody was upset for what she did to him. Soon after she meets one of the Andore family members Hugo and together they go back to underground fighting.

    [edit] Street Fighter 3

    Borke and desperate, both Hugo and Poison decide to travel the world in hopes to better promote themselves in underground fights. When they heard of another Street Fighter tournament, Poison persuaded Hugo to join so he can have his name heard with greater respect in the underground fights. Though it is unclear how many fights Hugo has been in, but he has fought both Ryu and Alex. However, Poison is quite happy on how Hugo did.

    [edit] Poison's Fighting Style and moves

    Like Cody, Poison's fighting style is based on Street Fighting. Though, she's not as inclined as many of the fighters when it does come to fighting, but her style is very violent. Made to disoritent and even maim her opponents. Poison also has an impressive acrobatic ability as she can leap into the air with a hand stand and land with a kick. As time passes, Poison gives up on fighting and helps her co-hort, Hugo promote his underground fights.

    [edit] Trivia

    • The developers of Final Fight wanted to create a minor female enemy of the Mad Gear Gang to balance out the game and add some variety. However, Capcom knew that this would bring a lot of controversy as this would anger feminist groups and other people who believe that men beating women is wrong as well as promoting domestic violence. This is when the developers of the game have made some changes to the female characters (this includes Poison's red-headed counterpart: Roxy). In early development, Poison and Roxy were depicted as "Newhalves" (the Japanese terminology to describe a Trans-Sexual), meaning that both Poison and Roxy are women but have the same reproductive organs of a man. Though, Poison and Roxy made it onto the arcade version of the game, but when the game was ported onto home consoles, Poison and Roxy were removed entirely and replaced by their male counterparts: Billy and Sid respectively (only the Sega CD version of Final Fight had Poison and Roxy, but they wore much less provocative clothing).
      • In the direct to home console sequel: Final Fight 2, the Japanese version also had minor female enemies that were (like Poison and Roxy) removed in localized versions of the game. It wasn't until Final Fight 3 that it finally had minor female enemies (in the form of May)

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