Mike Haggar

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Height:6' 7"
Weight:266 LBS.
Fighting Style:American Wrestling
Curry Rice
Street Gangs
His Cousin: Sammy
First Appearence:Final Fight


[edit] Story

[edit] Pre-Final Fight

Mike Haggar was once a proud and popular professional wrestler who had gained his glory with his superior wrestling skills. The years went on and he decided to retire from the wrestling circuit to enter a world of politics. As his beloved city of Metro City was over-run by relentless crimes and underground street fighting, he decides to make some changes. He runs for Mayor of Metro City and wins by a landslide as he will do whatever he can to clean the city.

[edit] Final Fight

In just several weeks into Haggar's Mayoral duties, Metro City's crime ring: Mad Gear had formulated a plan to make Haggar submit to their will as they kidnap Haggar's daughter: Jessica. Haggar receives a telephone call from one of the members and makes Haggar a special offer, as Haggar asked whop was calling, the member told him to turn on his TV only to see Jessica tortured. This angers Haggar and want to make a desperate attempt to rescue his daughter. He recruits Jessica boyfriend (and his friend as well) Cody as well as Cody's raining partner: Guy to defeat the sinister street gang and rescur Jessica. As the trio fight their way into the Bay Area of Metro City, Haggar defeats Abigail while Cody goes to the Uptown area to rescue Jessica. Cody defeats Belger (the leader of the Mad Gear) just as Guy and Haggar arrive. Haggar attends to Jessica and was overwhelmed with joy to see Jessica unharmed and vows never to let anything bad to happen to her again.

[edit] Final Fight 2

Several months after Cody defeats the Mad Gears, Guy goes returns to his training while Cody and Jessica go on vacation. Haggar returns to his job as the mayor of Metro City. Haggar receives a telephone call from a woman named Maki who is the daughter of Guy's master: Genryusai who along with Maki's sister: Rena has been captured by a revived Mad Gear. Haggar along with another Bushin-Ryu warrior from South America named Carlos Miyamoto meet Maki in Hong Kong, there they faced Won-Won a former Chinese chef who joined the Mad Gear. After they defeat Won-Won, he tells them that the Mad Gear operations has moved to Europe. But as they defeat Rolento in Italy, he tells them that the Mad Gear operations in Europe was merely a smoke screen for where Rena and Genryusai whereabouts which is back in Japan where the new leader of the Mad Gear named Retu. As they reach his palace, Maki defeats Retu and sends him flying. As the trio rescues Rena and Genryusai, Haggar feels that his debt to Guy has finally been paid.

[edit] Final Fight Revenge

Some time after Haggar helps Maki defeat the Mad Gear. They return yet again and even stage another act of violence against those who had defeated. Haggar defeats Poison and Rolento. But as Cody fights a fake Belger, Haggar manages to rescue Jessica and sent her to Europe to study abroad.

[edit] Final Fight 3

Haggar continues his job as mayor, soon he receives a letter from Guy, saying that he has completed his training and is coming to Metro City. But as soon as Guy arrives at Haggar's office, a huge explosion ensues caused on by another criminal organization known as the Skull Cross. A woman named Lucia Morgan: A member of the Mtro City Police and a man named Dean: A former Street Fighter who declined the offer given to him by the Skull Cross gang who took his family from him and is wanting revenge against the gang join together to defeat this new gang. Haggar meets their leader known as Black and knocks him into a generator which cuases the building of the Skull Cross to explode. After that, Dean leaves to find his own path while the others begin the clean up of Metro City.

[edit] Fighting Style

Mike Haggar is a typical American professional Wrestler who used moves such as the Spinning Lariat and the Violent Axe. Though other wrestlers copied his moves, and so he did the same.

Spinning Lariat: Haggar's signature special move as he used this during his hey day as a wrestler. Though, this caught the attention of Zangief and copied this move to use for himself.

Spinning Piledriver: When Haggar caught wind of Zangief copying his Spinning Lariat move. Haggar decided to fight fire with fire by copying Zangief's own signature move: the Spinning Piledriver.

Violent Axe: He clamps his hands together and swings them as if he is carrying a double-bladed axe.

Headbutt: Haggar has a hard head and he can do a lot of damage with a headbutt. In his wrestling career and fighting the Mad Gear Gang. He injured many enemies with a headbutt.

[edit] Character Relations

Guy: Cody's training partner. Haggar took a liking to the Ninja during their adventure to defeat the Mad Gear Gang. They still remain friends even after the defeat of Mad Gear.

Cody: Haggar had a mixed relationship with Cody. He got along quite well with the young street brawler, but sometimes gets upset when Haggar tries to give Cody some advice and Cody shrugging him off. Nevertheless, he still approves his relationship with his daughter: Jessica. That is until the events of Final Fight Revenge where Cody was thrown in jail. It is unknown about Haggar's relationship with Cody now a jailbird.

Poison: Haggar vows to keep Metro City safe from corruption. However, members of Mad Gear are still trying to find a way to act revenge on Haggar. Poison, though now an owner of her Wrestling circuit. But Poison still have a disdain for the wrestler.

Rolento: When Rolento made a system of Tanks plow through the streets of Metro City, Haggar was powerless to stop him. Because of this, Haggar doesn't like Rolento.

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