Home Country:Japan
Height:5' 3" (160 cm)
Weight:110 lbs (50 kg)
Fighting Style:Rindoukan Karate
Blood Type:B
DislikesCrimson Ginger Ale
First Appearence:Street Fighter 3: Third Strike


[edit] Story

Makoto is a playable character in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and Super Street Fighter 4. Makoto is depicted as a youthful Japanese girl, raised by her father, Masaru, in the Tosa province. He was the previous master of the famous Rindōkan Dojo, which, following his death, has been lacking in students. Her style of karate, Rindoukan, shares a striking resemblace to Ryu and Ken's Shotokan karate at times. Though having many tomboyish- qualities and almost no affection towards femininity at a very young age, Makoto very much disliked being mistaken for a boy in her childhood years. She seems to have a rivalry with another Street Fighter character, the ninja Ibuki, hinted by their opening dialogues when the face each other in battle. Ever since her father's untimely death and her older brother venturing out into business, it has been young Makoto's responsibility to take care of and manage the dojo to make sure it still remains one. After finding out the terrible state the dojo is really in, Mokoto joins the S.I.N. tournament in Street Fighter 4 in hopes of winniong the tournament and using the prize money to give the dojo a much needed renovation. After a couple battles in the tournament, Makoto encounters a fighter named Fei-Long and challenges him, hoping that defeating a great and well known fighter such as himself would give the Rindoukan Dojo the publicity it deserves. In Makoto's ending, she mentions that she had "Beat the pants off all of her opponents" - it turns out though that Makoto did not win any prize money in the S.I.N. tournament because the owner and host, Seth, was killed. She then decides that she will rebuild her father's dojo by hand, and make money in old fashioned-ways.

[edit] Special Moves

Makoto is always described as one of the best offensive threats in Street Fighter, with her seemingly amazing dash speed and powerful punches and kicks, as well as formidable karate techniques. She is known to go full out on her enemy, no matter who the opposition, as shown by her choking techniques and even going as far as punching her opponent in the groin in a couple of her supers. She seems to be a person who loves the challenge of the fight, always accusing someone of sandbagging if a fight feels too easy.

  • Hayate

Makoto quickly dashes forward while punching. The strength of the button determines how far Makoto dashes before attacking, with Hard going the longest distance and Light traveling the shortest.In Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, if you connected with this move in most cases you could follow up with a Grab and Choke (Karakusa), but in Super Street Fighter 4, this is rarely the case, as this attack pushes your opponent back a larger distance.Still, this move can be Canceled into Makoto's Super where you can score some huge damage.You can also make Makoto hold her pose while executing this attack — this increases the attack power — by holding down on the Punch button. Pressing a Kick button while in this pose will cancel your Dash Punch entirely.

  • Kurakasa

A command grab that leaves your opponent open for a brief moment so you can combo them after you land this.In Third Strike the Light Kick version had the shortest start up time but had the least range, while the Hard Kick Grab and Choke had more range but was slower to execute, it's assumed it will work the same way in Super Street Fighter 4. You can land your Ultra 1 after connecting with this move, which is a nice way to score a good amount of damage quickly and easily.

  • Oroshi

This move must be blocked high. Makoto winds up and brings her arm down hard. This is a heavily telegraphed move, so if you don't set it up properly, your opponent will see it a mile away. In Third Strike, the EX version of Makoto's Overhead Chop was MUCH faster than the regular versions making this very difficult to see coming and successfully block. Again, it's assumed this move works much the same way in Super Street Fighter 4. During startup, this has invincible frames just like C. Viper's EX-Seismo Hammer, which will let you blow through attacks and nail your enemy for their trouble.

  • Tsurugi

Executing this while airborne makes Makoto swing her foot down in an arcing motion — this must be blocked high. It can be done right after leaving the ground, which can take the other player by surprise.This is a great move because you can combo after landing the Light or Medium versions. Your opponent must be very careful about throwing out random attacks to keep you from getting inside, because your Aerial Axe Kick can go around these and setup a combo. This attack should become a staple in your arsenal as it will make the other player constantly guess which way you'll be coming in from. Coupled with your dash, Grab and Choke and other tactics, mastery of Makoto's Aerial Axe Kick is an absolute must.It's important to learn the timing and motion to execute this move almost immediately after leaving the ground, as this makes it difficult for your opponent to see it coming. When you learn how to do this — you'll be able to use the Aerial Axe Kick to counter more attacks because of it's wicked fast start up time and combo potential.

[edit] Super Combos

  • Tanden-Renki

This turns Makoto red, which increases her attack power by 25% for about 12 seconds. Your Super bar becomes a timer showing you how long the bonus lasts for. In Third Strike, this attack used to make it so Makoto could not block — this is no longer the case. Your Super can be devastating in combos, as the increased attack power coupled with an Ultra can deplete a lot of your enemy's life. Makoto can Super Cancel into her Tanden-Renki after a Dash Punch which really increases it's combo potential. The biggest problem with Makoto's Super is that her EX moves are so good, you may have a difficult time building up enough meter during the course of a match so you can actually use it.

  • Seichusen-Godanzuki

Makoto delivers several powerful punches finishing off with a blow that knocks her enemy up into the air. You can combo into this Ultra after executing your Super, if you're fast.

  • Abare Tosanami

This makes her hop on the wall and do a dive kick at her enemy, then follow up with an Upwards Punch. In Third Strike it was possible to juggle after landing the last hit of this move, it's unknown if this still works in Super Street Fighter 4.

[edit] Anecdotes

  • She has the slowest walking speed than any character in SSF4, and probably the entire Street Fighter series. She makes up for it with a faster-than-average dash. Because of this, Makoto seems to be similar to Hurricane Polimar from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom(both versions), with both characters having slow-focused styled walking speed but packed with powerful combos and singular attacks.
  • Ultimately, Makoto finds Ryu in 3rd Strike and challenges him to enhance her dojo's reputation. After her fight with Ryu, the publicity attracts a swarm of potential students to her dojo. Unfortunately, she enforces the rather counterproductive policy of rejecting aspiring students who are unable to defeat her first, and thus far none have.
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