Home Country:Japan
Height:5' 3"
Weight:135 LBS.
Fighting Style:Bushin Style
First Appearance:Final Fight 2

Maki is the second and younger daughter of Guy's master, Genryusai. When Maki was out doing an errand for her father, a revived Mad Gear gang kidnapped her father and her sister Rena. Maki immediately called mayor Mike Haggar and told him of her dilemma. Haggar and Guy's training partner, Carlos Miyamoto mat up with Maki in Hong Kong, then they headed for Europe to find out more about Maki's family, after defeating Rolento in Italy, she was told by Rolento that her family is being held somewhere in Japan. There she and her partners faced Retu, the new leader of the Mad Gear. Maki defeated Retu and rescued her family.

After a few months, Maki was told by Rena that Guy has not been heard from for months. Being a good sister, Maki told Rena that she is going to find and bring her sister's fiancee back to her, then Maki discovers that Guy is trying to bring down the international criminal organization, shadaloo, and become involved in Guy's journey.

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