M. Bison

M. Bison
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Home Country:Unknown
Weight:175 LBS
Fighting Style:Psycho Power
First Appearence:Street Fighter II

Even though M. Bison(or Master Bison) doesn’t show up as a legitimately playable character until Street Fighter II, he made his very first appearance in Street Fighter Alpha. You were apparently able to select him on the roster screen if you happened to land him after picking a character at random using the “Random Fighter” space. Following his arcade story in this installment, Bison gets into a confrontation with Rose after defeating all of his enemies using Shadaloo’s resources. Rose accuses Bison of abusing his Psycho Powers and insists on stopping him before he does some real damage. With Roses banter going through one ear and out the other, Bison cares about nothing else than defeating Rose in a fight. After he wins, we cut to Bison’s usual gloating and monologuing which takes up the bulk of his ending video. Since Bison exists as a “special character” in this installment, this particular ending isn’t related to the canon story at all.

[edit] Street Fighter Alpha 2

As the very first Street Fighter title which he is a real playable entity, M. Bison is the leader of a mysterious and foreboding organization tied with criminal activity and military development known as Shadaloo. Besides his obvious tyrannical intent to take over the entire world, Bison additionally strives to perfect a peculiar and dangerous energy which he dubs as “Psycho Power”, which has the potential to boost his overall fighting abilities to grand heights. During the canon of Street Fighter Alpha, the Shadaloo organization and it’s activities are brought to the attention of Interpol, who therefore dispatch their agent, Chun-Li, on the case to make sure Bison is stopped before his intentions become reality. Through fate’s hands, Bison and Chun-Li soon meet face-to-face and propose a one-on-one fight. Bison unfortunately defeats her and then flees the scene by means of a personal helicopter, making fun of her loss and swearing death onto her if she ever crosses his path again. Relating back to ‘’’Alpha 1’’’, the reason for Bison and Rose’s confrontation at the end of his story is due to the fact that Rose wields Soul Power, the direct opposing force to that of Psycho Power. This indicates an early connection between these two characters that will make itself known later on.

[edit] Street Fighter Alpha 3

At this point in the series, the Psycho Power Bison contains within him starts to slowly eat away at the limits of his human form. Since he had seen this coming, Bison arranged a separate human body which with he could transfer portions of his soul to, which turned out to be Cammy. She is an artificially engineered human produced by Shadaloo, containing dominant amounts of Bison’s DNA. With this development, Bison allowed Cammy to join his Dolls, which are a band of female assassins, brainwashed by Shadaloo in order to work in the name of this organization. The effects of being under Bison’s complete command begin to wear away over the course of this installment, however, as she continues to fight independantly. As one of Bisons operatives, Vega is sent out to capture the rogue Cammy and bring her back to the ‘’’Master’’’. After Vega fails to fulfill this duty, Juli(one of the Shadaloo Dolls)is then sent by Bison to pick up where he left off. Following this development, Ryu becomes the center of Bison’s attention, being one of the single stringers fighters ever known(as well as the bane of Sagat, another of his lackies).

Another ‘’’Doll’’’ named Juni is then sent to collect as much information on Ryu as possible. This eventually leads to a startling confrontation between the pair, where Ryu is unfortunately subjected to the brunt of Bison’s Psycho Power. Thirsty for revenge in the form of a long-awaited rematch, Bison promises such for Sagat as the two square off in their own personal fight while Ken and Sakura show up to defeat Bison together. After bringing Sagat down, Bison is finally defeated after Ryu joins the fray. Bison isn’t done for yet, however, since he was able to regenerate his body which was apparently destroyed after his “crushing defeat”.

Soon after his return, Bison sees it fit destroy the Dolls seeing as their purposes have apparently been fulfilled. Cammy somehow assists in defending her fellow Dolls with help from their natural fighting abilities picking up the slack. Their attempt to bring down their ‘’’Master’’’ is cut short after the realization that they are mentally connected to Bison comes to light, meaning that if they kill him, they will also die accordingly. Disregarding this, Bison perishes for a second time and the Dolls soon feel themselves start to fade.

As we move on, we find Guile and Charlie, officers of the USAF, striving to bring Bison down for good. Chun-Li joins them shortly before finding out that the crazed dictator has died once again. With the organized attack on the Shadaloo base called off due to this, the trio realize that they’ll have to put this plan underway themselves.

Back at Shadaloo, Cammy is able to prevent the Dolls from their inevitable death by using the dominant Bison DNA flowing through her bloodstream in order to do away with the psychic link by wielding as much Psycho Power as she can muster. This plan thankfully succeeds.

After laying massive amounts of explosives around the interior of the Shadaloo base, Guile and Chun-Li flee for their lives as Charlie holds off the freshly-resurrected Bison, giving himself to the fatal explosion in order to do so. Even in the midst of the chaos, Bison’s “soul” escapes and immediately inhabits Rose. This later leads to the conclusion that Bison had literally sacrificed all of his known humanity to the building energy within him. He must remain within Rose’s shell until a new, suitable body can be forged for him by Shadaloo scientists.

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