Home Country:N/A
Height:5' 11"
Weight:254 LBS.
Fighting Style:Self Taught
First Appearence:Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior

M.Bison is the leader of an international criminal organization known as "Shadaloo". He also does experimentation on humans to try to transform humans into powered up mutants. He did one of these experiments on himself and gives himself the ability to use an natural power he calls "Psycho Power", which is powered by negative human emotions.

As his organization was rising to be known, he grows to have the ambition to conquer the world, and e also heard of Ryu defeat the Muay Thai master, Sagat. So Bison also desires to fight and wanting Ryu to help him conquer the world.

When his plan to use Ryu failed. He still intends to conquer the world. But, Ryu with Ken Masters, Guile and Chun-Li. Bison was determined to defeat them all, but Ryu and Ken's combined fighting abilities defeated the evil tyrant. Then, Akuma comes in and uses his "Raging Demon" move to kill Bison. His physical body is dead, but his psycho power may have survived.

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