As seen in Street Figher IV
Home Country:Japan
Height:5' 4" (162 cm)
Weight:101 1/2 lbs. (46 kg)
Fighting Style:Ninjutsu
First Appearence:Street Fighter 3


[edit] Story

Ibuki is portrayed as a beautiful young girl in Street Fighter, raised in a small mountain village in Japan, which is actually a secret ninja clan who have been training there in total secrecy since the beginning of the Feudal Age. As she grows into the woman that she is, she becomes trained to be proficient in ninjutsu, the art of ninjas. She has a slim, athletic build and her blackish/brown hair is held back tightly in a topknot that drops well below her waist. Unlike her other female counterparts in the same genre, Ibuki's outfit has a more traditional type of ninja dogi, consisting of a sleeveless upper garment, baggy pants, arm guards, and a mask that conceals the lower half of her face. Her footwear consists only of cloth bandages that are wrapped around her shins, ankles, and instep. According to the UDON comics, Ibuki wears a high-riding body suit under her garments that is similar to Cammy's outfit. Even though raised to be a top tier ninja assassin, she shows her untypical femininity by saying that her daily training schedule is strange and by ragging on the clothes she wears as a ninja are ugly and unbecoming of her. She will jump right back into her "normal" clothes when her regimen is over and/or when she wins a fight.

  • Super Street Fighter 4

In Super Street Fighter 4, Ibuki manages to sneak away from her summer training camp to set herself on a self-appointed journey that she always thought about: hopeing to meet handsome and cool guys. In Super Street Fighter IV, she sneaks away from her clan's summer training camp to compete in S.I.N's tournament, in order to meet cool and handsome guys. When the tournament is over, she realizes that she is going to be late for camp and attempts to sneak back in as if nothing had happened. However, she is caught by one of the camp's instructors.

  • Street Fighter 3: Second Impact

In Street Fighter 3: Second Impact, Ibuki is sent by her clan/village to get documents that have to do with Gill's organization, most of which having to do with the "G-file" that was responsible in creating both Necro and Twelve. In the end Gill willingly gives Ibuki the documents anyways, as the project was already underway by that time.

  • Street Fighter 3: Third StrikeIbuki was sent by her ninja clan to hunt down the fighter named Oro which if he fights well against him she will pass her exam. She has traveled in many areas around the world, she would eventually meet up with Oro who considers her a pretty lady, but to oro's dismay, she was looking to fight with him in order to pass her exam. Though she did not defeat Oro in battle, but her skills against him were enough for her to pass. Soon after, Ibuki enlisted in a College. Now, she can seek the life she always dreamed of, living like a regular young girl with a handsome boyfriend at her side. Soon, she would run into a handsome guy named Senpai who not only finds her attractive but almost immediately asks her to join his special club. But Ibuki's mental pre-occupation on living life as a young girl and thinking of Senpai had her psychologicially blind to what this "special club" is really about. Not realizing when she experienced this club for herself is that it consisted of ninja training.

In [Street Fighter 3: Third Strike]],

[edit] Special Moves

Ibuki is well known throughout the Street Fighter series for her carefree demeanor, but make no mistake, she uses a form of ninja-taijutsu and weapons that make her deadly in gameplay and the anime. This style is formed by the fusion of many different ancient martial arts styles from Japan. She generally uses sharp, precise movement and deadly blows that can strike through her opponents chest and deal fatal blows.

  • Kunai

This is Ibuki's " projectile attack, which can travel from a distance like the Hadouken and others. Like a ninja, Ibuki's projectile of choice are the kunai knives. This special can only be done from the air, unlike other projectile moves. The punch strength l/m/h will determine the angle in which the kunai will be thrown. Unlike other projectiles like the Hadouken, kunais cannot cancel out other projected spirtual energy (Hadouken) and moves. If you are looking for an annying projectile war, this is definitely not a move you would want to consider. The strategy for kunai is generally following up with an EX Kazegiri, Ibuki's dragon kick. Effective ways of implementing kunai is after an untechable knockdown, to set up the cross up. An example would be after a neck breaker leadinging into a super jump to throw the kunai. As you drift to the other side of the opponent, they will have to predict which way the Kunai will hit. This is known as her "Vortex", although there is much more to the Vortex than just Kunais.

  • Tsuijigoe

This lets Ibuki decide where and when to throw the kunai knives. It allows Ibuki to jump throughout the screen depending on the punch (l/m/h), and let her decide when to throw the dreaded kunai knives.

  • Neck breaker

Ibuki's sliding neck breaker, she slides across the screen (distance depending on strength of the punch, l/m/h). If she manages to reach the opponent, she will proceed to snap their neck. This move hits low on opponents, and the EX versions allow multiple hits to combo. This sets up the untechable knockdown and is widely poplar because it helps sets up the "vortex". Sets up light kunais or kicking combo.

  • Raida

Ibuki's special command grab. This is different from many other characters grabs in that it can be blocked. Can land on jumping opponents. Ibuki graps her opponent and shoots an orb out of her palms.

  • Kasumi Gake

Ibuki's famous "dashing teleport". This can travel different distances, depended on the strength of the kick used (L/M/H). Light and medium kicks are generally used to get nearer to the front of the opponent, while the heavy kick is used to get behind the opposition, trying to strike a surprise combo. It is considered smart strategy to use this during the opponents block stings to get behind him/her to mix up and catch them off guard.

  • Kazegiri

Ibuki's version of the "Dragon Kick", which is generally used throughout all of her widely used- chain combo streaks. The EX version of this strike allows her to follow up the set with light kunais, keeping the opposition at bay while you are open to a focus strike. It is considered to be a very good "wake-up" move.

  • Tsumoji

Ibuki's "whirlwind Kick". It is a multi hit move which is prominently used in her combos to break block strings. After the initial hit lands, the user has the option of letting the rest of the onslught hit mid body, or press down and kick to transform it into a low attck, perfect for those annoying block strings. Ending in the low attck will also let the user set up for the before mentioned "vortex".

[edit] Super Combos

  • Kasumi Suzaku

One of Ibuki's Super Arts in Street Fighter 3 and her super combo in Super Street Fighter 4. Ibuki starts off by throwing an array of kunai knives, pairs at first, spinning like shurikens rather than the kunai's regular straight forward motion- the power of the punch used still determines the angles they are thrown at, just like the regular kunai move. Light will make the kunais go straight down, medium will force them to fly at a forty-five degree angle, while heavy throws them outwards the farthest. Also like the basic kunai, this super can be easily executed from the Tsujigoe jump move.

  • Yoroitoshi

This is Ibuki's grab Ultra, and only has limited uses due to the fact that is has relatively slow start up. you might catch your opponent off guard a couple times with this one, but her second Ultra will typically be the go to Ultra for Ibuki players.

  • Hashinsho

This will most likely be the preferred Ultra for most Ibuki players considering it has multiple uses and applications. The most effective way to use it is from a Super Jump Cancel off of one of her normal moves. For instance, she can Super Jump Cancel most of the final attacks of her chain combos and end with this Ultra making it extremely useful in her overall gameplan.

[edit] Anecdotes

  • She seems to have begun a friendship with Sakura based on their rival match in SSF4 and their similar background and interest as high school fighters interested in boys (or at least a particular boy in Sakura's case). Also, when Ibuki wins a round with her super combo, she says "We should totally hang out sometime!" followed by her match victory quote saying "I never meet anyone cool at my school."
  • Ibuki has a notable interest in boys. This can be seen in several of her win quotes in Super Street Fighter IV where she evaluates her opponents based on their looks, behavior, clothing, as well as their fighting performance. Strangely, in the Street Fighter III series, Alex is the only character Ibuki has shown even a subtle hint of attraction to, although in her quote, she's mainly expressing her disappointment in his loss of "power instinct."

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