Home Country:United States (Raised in Japan)
Height:5' 11"
Weight:158 LBS.
Fighting Style:Ninjitsu (Bushin-Ryu, translation: The Style of the Warrior God)
Blood Type:O
Likes:* Mayor Mike Haggar
  • Rena
  • Salmon Ochazuke
  • Chilled Tofu
  • Sneakers
Dislikes:* The Mad Gear Gang
  • Sodom
  • Rolento
  • Cody (used to like him)
  • Horizontal Writing
  • First Appearance:Final Fight


    [edit] Story

    [edit] Pre-Final Fight

    Guy was born somehwere in the United States, though his actual origins are unknown he was discovered by a master of a special form of Ninjitsu known as Bushin-Ryu named Genryusai and took guy back to Japan and trained him in the forms of Bushin-Ryu along with many other children around the world, a Japanese boy named Zeku, a South American boy named Carlos Miyamoto and even a little girl, one of Genryusai's daughters, Maki. Along with physical training Guy and his partners received they were also taught the ways of thinking like a ninja from feudal Japan which also leads to Guy's way of talking and his disliking in horizontal writing. Though as Genryusai ages, his students had to brake off in order to continue their training. Guy goes back to his native United States and to a city called "Metro City" where he finds a friend and training partner Cody Travers and a former champion underground fighter now turned mayor Mike Haggar.

    [edit] Final Fight

    As Haggar finally is elected mayor of Metro City, he promises to make the city much safer. But this also catches the eyes and the ears of the criminal organization in the city known as "Mad Gear" and make an attempt to make sure they will still have their way, a criminal in the organization named Thrasher called Haggar in his office stating that he has his daughter Jessica and promises that he will return her unharmed for his obedience, Haggar refuses and decides to rescure her from Mad Gear, Guy along with Cody join Haggar to not only rescue Jessica but to rid the city of Mad Gear. As Guy approaches the subway system, he defeats namy Mad Gear members and eventually reaches an underground arena and fights an American Samurai known as Sodom who was quite happy to face somebody who trained in a Japanese fighting art, but Guy defeats him easily. The 3 fighters meet up in the uptown district and into an office building where Jessica is being held by the rime ring's leader Belger. Guy fights the leader somewhat, but Cody ultimately defeats him by using his "Hero Uppercut" move which made Belger fly through a window and to his death. As he and Cody were leaving the building, Jessica stops Cody which causes Guy to punch him in the face. Then, Guy leaves Metro City to continue his training, because of this he would be unable to help his fiancee Rena and his master Genryusai from a revived Mad Gear gang as Maki, Carlos and Haggar venutre throughout the world to defeat the gang once and for all.

    [edit] Street Fighter Alpha

    Several years have passed and Guy is continuing his training, during which he received word that Genryusai has passed away from illness from a letter that was aritten by Zeku (which makes Zeku the next successor of Bushin-Ryu), Zeku has also arote in the letter that once he has completed his training, he must face Zeku in a fight because there can be only one master to Bushin-Ryu at a time. Guy would venture around the world and fight many fighters along the way. Still, he feels determined that he would become worthy of carrying the name of Bushin-Ryu.

    [edit] Street Fighter Alpha 2

    During his travels to complete his training. He encounters a woman named Rose who can sense something in his mind, Guy then fights Rose and defeats her. Though Rose says that she is tesing him to see if Guy was worthy enough to fight against an impending danger, Guy ignores her and moves on. After the fight with Rose, Guy then encounters Zeku who now proves him worthy of challenging him to bestow the title of Successor of Bushin-Ryu. It was an intense fight but Guy would emerge as the victor, Zeku though would tell Guy afterwards that he should beware of the shadow of Bushin-Ryu that a threat to the world is about to rise.

    [edit] Street Fighter Alpha 3

    Guy now is the next successor of Bushin-Ryu. But Zeku told him that if a threat to the world rises, the shadow of Bushin-Ryu would rise along with it. Desperate to find the answers, Guy goes on another journey around the world to make sense of what Zeku said to him. He first travels to Japan to find on a cruise off the Japanese coast a fighting girl named Karin Kanzuki and defeats her. Karin then discovers on Guy's history and what he is looking for, she tells him what Guy should look for is a man named Bison. He then travels to Hong Kong to fight against an old fighter named Gen who tells him that the Bison man Guy is looking for refers to M.Bison the leader of an international organization named Shadaloo, but because Guy was unknowingly interfering Gen's own quest, he fights and defeats the wise fighter. Guy then heads back to the united states and to Metro City where he is reunited with Cody. Shocked and disgusted to discover Cody's fate he complies to Cody's desire to fight him. Though, it is unknown who wins the fight, Guy wonders why Cody can not use his skills in a possitive manner. Guy ventures to Thailand, where he finds and injured Rose on the ground, Guy takes it upon himself to tend to her injuries as he knows that the world needs her if it is to survive. As Guy leaves Rose, he goes back to Japan where he was confronted by Maki who wants to become the next Successor to Bushin-Ryu, but Guy does not believe that Maki is ready as she still has a lot more to learn about the art but fights her anyway with Guy emerging the victor. Soon, Guy returns to Rena with the promise to marry her, they did.

    [edit] Final Fight 3

    About a year after Guy's adventures and marrying Rena, he receives a letter from Mayor Mike Haggar to come to Metro City. Guy (reluctantly) accepts (against Rena's wishes) to come to Metro City. However as soon as Guy arrives at Haggar's office, a massive explosion occured. Another criminal organization known as "Skull Cross" attacked the city. Guy accepts to help Haggar once again to rid the city of this evil with the aid of a polic officer named Lucia and a local fighter named Dean. Soon, the 4 fighters encounter the leader of the gang named Black though Guy would fight against him for a time, but Haggar finished him off by knocking him into a building's generator. After defeating the Skull Cross gang, Dean leaves the rest of the fighters to find his own path. Soon after, Guy leaves to go back to Japan and to Rena.

    [edit] Super Street Fighter 4

    Some time after the Skull Cross gang's downfall in Metro City, Guy had peace time with Rena. But this would be short lived as Guy begins to feel uneasy, he learns that the threat to the world which Zeku told him about and Guy thought was defeated forever has returned. He goes back to Metro City to find where this threat is. He soon discovered that Shadaloo's small corperation known as S.I.N. Somewhere in Europe, Guy encounters Rose again who is on her way to defeat Bison and S.I.N., despite what Guy said to her about giving herself up to death willingly she fights him, again Guy wins as he ventures to find S.I.N.'s headquarters. However Rose fought Bison but loses to him, as Bison was about to load Rose onto his private jet, Guy appears and threatens to kill Bison and destroy his jet if he refuses to let Rose go Bison complies. Then, Guy attends to Rose and hopes that she is still alive, as Rose regains consciousness she ventures off. Guy then sees Cody in the rubble of S.I.N.'s headquarters, and despite Guy's lectures Cody shruggs him off and walks away.

    [edit] Character Relations

    • Cody~One time friend of Guy's during his time in the United States. Guy decided to help Cody and Mike Haggar in their "Final Fight" against the Mad Gear Gang. As Cody was sent to jail, their relationship had soured somewhat. But Guy still is willing to help and seek aid from Cody if the duty calls for it.
    • Sodom~One of the members of Mad Gear. Guy fought against him and won. Unbeknownst to Guy, Sodom developed a hatred towards the ninja and vows to get revenge on Guy.
    • Poison~Another member of Mad Gear. Guy has encountered her many times during their mission to defeat the Mad Gear.
    • Hugo~Another member of Mad Gear. Guy also has encountered him many times during their mission to defeat Mad Gear.
    • Maki~Rena's sister. Guy also has somewhat of a rough relationship with Maki as she's jealous of Guy for not only choosing Rena over her but being named the next successor of Bushin-Ryu. She has fought Guy once in hopes to be the next successor but lost.
    • Rose~Sensing her powers, Guy sees Rose as the ability to protect the world from M. Bison's Psycho Power and would do anything to see that Rose doesn't die.
    • M. Bison~Guy was told that Bison was a threat to this world and needed to be stopped. So, Guy sees him as an enemy.

    [edit] Trivia

    • During development of Final Fight, Guy's name in Japanese was spelled Gai and in some of the early English spelling has Guy's name as Gay. The reason for this is that the Japanese always pronounce the "a" sound differently than English peaking people, not because Guy was actually gay. So, to prove their point, they correctly spelled Guy's name and even gave him a love interest: Rena.

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