Home Country:United States
Height:6' 2"
Weight:189 LBS.
Fighting Style:Military Fighting Skills mixed with Professional wrestling
First Appearence:Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior
Likes:* Charlie
  • His Family
  • Coffee
  • Throwing Darts
  • Country Music
Dislikes* M. Bison
  • Shadaloo
  • Nattou
  • Contents

    [edit] Story

    • Street Fighter Alpha 3

    Guile is a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force.He was given orders from his superiors to bring his good friend and parnter Charlie back from his mission to bring down Shadaloo's leader M.Bison. While traveling the world, he has met Interpol officer Chun-Li. Though Chun-Li said that she must not let anybody stop Charlie from completing his mission, she was defeated by Guile. Then, as Guile reached Thailand, he is met by his friend and partner, but Charlie's stubbornnes to refuse to back down from his mission has caused them to fight amongst one another. Then, as Bison appears, Guile realizes that he must finish what Charlie started. As Guile defeats Bison, Bison escpaes to his underground base. Then, Chun-Li appears and decides to help both Guile and Charlie. As Guile ad Charlie reach Bison's machine known as the Psycho Drive, Charlie sets explosive charges near the machine in hopes to destroy it. Then, Bison appears again and tries to stop Guile and Charlie. But Charlie pins Bison down, and tells Guile to leave the place as the explosives are about to detonate. As Guile escapes to safety, he realizes that Charlie was still inside the base as it blows up. Distraught, Guile tries to remember his now lost friend. Chun-Li comes and consoles Guile and tells him to believe that is still alive somewhere 9as she still wants to believe her father is still alive), Guile takes up Chun-Li's adivce and Charlie's dog tags and believe that he is still alive somewhere. But soon thereafter, Guile tried to deliver Bison to justice, and when the court system failed (due to the fact that Bison was rich enough to bribe the entire court into pleading him innocent) Guile had no other choice but to find and defeat Bison on his own terms, so he resigns from the Air Force and leaves his family (a wife named Julia and a daughter named Amy).

    • Street Fighter 2

    Several years have passed since his failed mission to bring Charlie from home, and has since resigned from the Air Force. Now, he receives an invitation from Bison to participate in the next Street Fighter Tournament. Knowing that the tournament will be his oppertunity to act revenge on Bison, he accapts this invitation. This time, he would receive help from not only Chun-Li but Ryu and Ken Masters. Though, when Chun-Li fought Bison, she was defeated as her desire for revenge was her weakness. Though things did not go well for Guile as well, as he suffered the same fate as Chun-Li. It would be Ryu and Ken that would defeat Bison. After the tournament he goes back home to visit Charlie's grave.

    • Street Fighter 4

    As Guile visits Charlie's grave, he is met with his former commander who gives him an order despite Guile's resignation from the Air Force. Guile is to investigate a sister organization of the now weakened Shadaloo known as S.I.N. though as he was traveling the world and visiting an American Air Base in Africa, he was met by a French fighter named Abel, who saw Guile perform his special move the Sonic Boom, Abel asked Guile about the move, and Guile responds to Abel and questions him about Charlie, Guile then fights Abel. His fight with Abel made Guile realize that him and Abel are partners as they are after the same thing and the same person, a strange being named Seth. As Abel fights Seth, Guile meets with Chun-Li again and they both infiltrate the S.I.N. base. As Seth was defeated by Abel, the base begins to crumble Guile meets up with Abel again and Chun-Li was found trapped. But Gule was able to save her as the base crumbled. Then, Guile says farewell to Abel and Chun-Li, and re-visits Charlie's grave. But instead of celebrating, he visits for a short while, as Guile believes that his personal mission is not yet complete, as Bison somehow still exists.

    [edit] Special Moves

    Guile uses both the fighting skills that he was taught while training in the military and also what he had learned from watching professional wrsetling when he was young. But as he met Charlie, he learned some of his moves like to throw a burst of energy from his hands (which is called the Sonic Boom).

    • Sonic Boom

    One of the spaecial moves that Guile's partner Charlie taught him. But because Guile had trouble with this special move early on, he needs to use both of his arms to perform this move (whereas Charlie only needs one). It creates a swirling burst of energy which is hard to jump over.

    • Flash Kick/ Somersault Kick

    Another Special Move Charlie taught Guile. This is where he launches himself into the air and uses his right leg to produce the energy to damage his opponent. Though unlike Charlie's move, it has less finesse.

    [edit] Super Combos

    • Flash Strike/ Somersault Strike

    By focusing his concentration on the Flash/ Somersault Kick he can flip in the air several times, hitting his opponent up to 7 times.

    • Total Wipeout

    Guile has developed this Super Combo by himself. As he sends out a blinding flurry of a series of kicks and punches.

    • Sonic Hurricane

    Guile learned to concentrate all of his energy of the Sonic Boom and to produce a larger burst which can hit his opponent up to 12 times.

    [edit] Character Relations

    • Charlie~Guile is good friends and a trusted partner with Charlie as Charlie taught him the fighting skills he knows. They also been on several missions together. Guile remains good and loyal to Charlie even after his apparent death.
    • Ryu~It's uncertain how and when Guile met Ryu, but assumingly after a fight Ryu served Guile a Japanese meal called Nattou (a meal made out of fermented soybeans) but Guile had an immediate disliking for this meal.
    • Ken Masters~Because Guile's wife Julia and Ken's wife Eliza are sisters, Guile and Ken are brothers-in-law. But their relationship is quite rocky as Guile considers Ken a rich snob and arrogant (oddly enough, Guile was at Ken and Eliza's wedding).
    • Chun-Li~Meeting her while on a mission to bring back Charile, Guile and Chun-Li fought with Guile winning. At first he and Chun-Li didn't get along. But as Charlie apparently died during his mission to defeat M.Bison, Chun-Li came to console Guile and to tell him that he shouldn't give up on his friend and improved his relationship with her and became her next American contact, they were on several missions together (even the Shadaloo sponsored World Warrior Tournament and the mission to bring down S.I.N.).
    • Cammy~As Chun-Li attended and helped Cammy while stunned after Bison's alleged death at the hands of Ryu and his friends. Guile also takes Cammy as a mission partner.
    • Abel~Guile met him while in Africa, as Guile was perfecting his Sonic Boom special move, Abel asked about it. Then, Guile asked if Abel has seen Charlie, but Abel believing it to be a personal question he fights him (who won is uncertain). But Guile eventually helps Abel infiltrate S.I.N's headquarters and destroy it.
    • M Bison~The alleged killer of his friend and partner Charlie. Guile holds a very strong grudge against the leader of Shadaloo and will do anything to get revenge on his lost friend.
    • Juri~The lost daughter of a famed Korean lawyer. Guile alongside Chun-Li and Cammy fought her, but lost. It's uncertain if Guile faced her again.

    [edit] Anecdotes

    • When Guile first appeared in Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior, he quickly became very popular in the United States. In fact he was so popular, that he was mistaken to be the game's main protagonist. When the movie and cartoon adapations of the game came out, Guile was seen in both adapations as the main protagonist.

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