Home Country:Japan
Height:6' 2" (188 cm)
Weight:198 1/2 lbs. (90 kg)
Fighting Style:Shotokan Karate
First Appearance:Street Fighter IV


[edit] Story

[edit] Pre-Street Fighter

"Gouken" derives from the japanese word "Gōken", meaning Strong Fist. Gouken is the older, brother of Akuma, also called "Gouki", which means "evil" or "big ogre" in japanese. He is also Ryu's adoptive father, along with being Ryu and Ken's Master. He is depicted as an elderly man with prayer beads on his neck. In his first appearance in Street Fighter 4, he is shown with a regal white beard and a sigle sleeved navy blue karate gi, with his hair ties up with one prayer bead. When he and Akuma were young, they studied the ways of shotokan karate under the guide of shotokan karate master, Goutetsu. But, when Goutetsu wanted to teach his 2 students about a secret "dark" segment of the art, Gouken declined and left Goutetsu. Gouken spent years honing his shotokan karate training, eventually mastering the mighty moves the fireball (Hadouken) the dragon punch (Shoryuken) and the hurricane kick (Tatatsumakisenpukyaku). Then, Gouken took in a small orphan boy named Ryu. Gouken taught Ryu everything he knows about shotokan karate,and even became somewhat of a father figure to Ryu. Gouken also studied on how to deflect the secret "dark" segment of his fighting art that Goutetsu tried to teach him. A few years later, Gouken even took in a young rich American kid named Ken Masters, along with Ryu, Gouken trained Ken. As the 2 boys came of age, Gouken focused on honing his skills to try to deflect the dark art which his brother Akuma had learned.

[edit] Street Fighter

While training Ryu and Ken, Gouken has heard of the World Warrior Tournament, with this Gouken had decreed to both Ryu and Ken that only one of them can enter this tournament, Ryu and Ken fought each other to see who was worthy to fight in the tournament with Ryu emerging as the victor. Gouken was then approached by Akuma and they fought (this happened at around the same time Ryu was fighting Sagat in the World Warrior Tournament) Akuma then used his "Raging Demon" powers on Gouken, but as the powers were used Gouken deflected its deadly capabilities and fell into a coma, as Ryu came back from his victory over Sagat, he saw his master lying on the floor motionless, Ryu believes that Gouken was dead and vows revenge on Akuma. But, after Gouken recovers from his coma, he goes into seclusion and tries to develop a way to deter the evil energy that consumed Akuma, and was within Ryu.

[edit] Street Fighter 4

Several years have passed, and Gouken was training to see if he can use his power that he used to deflect the killing powers of the Raging Demon. Eventually he does, this is called Mu (Nothingness) which can deflect the evil nature of even the Satsui No Hadou. Gouken then surprisingly visits both Ryu and Ken. Thrilled, Ryu wanted to spar with Gouken who agrees and defeats Ryu. After the sparring session, Gouken was told of Ryu's dilemma regarding to the Satsui No Hadou. Gouken knows that this is a serious situation for Ryu as he doesn't want him to be consumed as Akuma was, Gouken taught Ryu to harness the power of Mu which nullifies the Satsui No Hadou within Ryu. But, this caught the ears of Akuma who is upset that his brother used the Mu to nullify the Satsui No Hadou within Ryu and ruining Akuma's chances of a death match with Ryu if the Satsui No Hadou were to consume him, he fights Gouken with Gouken defeating Akuma. Soon after, Gouken leaves, but both Ryu and Ken learned of this and race to catch up to Gouken. Ken yells to Gouken and tells him to not leave and even wants Ryu to say something. Somehow, Gouken doesn't want Ryu and Ken to call him master anymore as they're grown men now, and even begins to reminice with Ryu about the times they trained together. After a brief conversation, Gouken does eventually leave.

[edit] Special Moves

Although both were taught by Goutetsu, Gouken's moves and abilities differ from his brother and rival Akuma's, shown by their methods and usage of their fighting style. While his brother Akuma became entranced and embraced the killing aspect of the art to the point of willingly succumbing to the Satsui no Hadou (killing intent), bent on completely mastering the style, Gouken tried his best after turning away from the Assassination methods to use them to mold his own style, using them for self defense and righteousness instead of its original intent, the slaughter of the opposition.

  • Great Surge Fist (Gou Hadouken)

Hadouken is when a user pushes both palms outward and sends a wave or sphere of ki at their opponent. Different from his pupils Ryu and Ken and his brother Akuma, Gouken performs the Hadouken technique by only using one hand, plus he can minipulate the angles and the delay of the projectile. This is considered more powerful than the traditional Hadouken, and while ingame the difference of the l/m/h punch determines the angle it is shot at.

  • Warping Pierce Wave (Senkugoshoha)

Similar to Akuma's Ashura Senkuu pose, Goken glides up to the opponent along the ground and strikes his opponent using the palm of his hand. This attack can travel even through projectiles while Gouken is in the sliding motion. The distance traveled is based on the power of the punch used, with the low punch traveling the least amount of field and high traveling the most.

  • Tornado Spiral (Tatsumaki Go Rasen)

This is referred to as Gouken's version of the Tatsumaki. Rather than moving across the screen or spinning in one place like other various characters, (Ryu, Ken, Dan, and Akuma) this attack moves upwards, bringing the opponent with it. When Gouken reaches the top of the screen, he finishes with a powerful final kick which sends the opponent flying across the screen.

[edit] Super Combos

  • True Rising Dragon Fist (Shin Shoryūken)

Since Gouken is the founder and only praticioner of this Shoryūken and has only taught it to Ryu, they are the only two that are capable of using it in the Street Fighter series. This is considered one of the most devastating Shoryūken, rivaling the damage of the Shinryuken. The move is performs first by a strike to the opponents abdomen, followed by a deadly stike to the opponents jaw. This Shoryūken is done without any "killing intent".

  • Lightning Surge Fist (Denjin Hadouken )

Gouken is first shown with this as his second ultra in Street Fighter 4. Like Ryu's the Denjin Hadouken is one that focuses on one thing: power. It has to be charged, so it must be strategically used. The time charged determines the amount of hits and stun. In Gouken's Denjin Hadouken, the opponent hit will be sent flying across the screen at the end of the attack, putting them in a "juggle" state, which allows the user to add more moves and combo. It is noted that at maximum charge, Gouken's Denjin Hadouken will hit 8 times and stun while Ryu's only manages to hit 5 times.

[edit] Character Relations

Ryu: Gouken's first student. But Gouken is more than just a master to Ryu. He is almost like a father to Ryu (who Ryu looks up to Gouken as such). Gouken is always happy to help Ryu with whatever bothers him, including to supress the Satsui No Hadou.

Ken Masters: Gouken's other student who Ken's father knows of. He takes Ken in and trained him in Ansatsuken.

Dan: Gouken also knows Dan a bit as well. But once Gouken learned of Dan's reason to train in Ansatsuken, Gouken expels him.

Akuma: Gouken's brother. Never wanting to forgive Akuma who became one with the Satsui No Hadou and wanting Ryu to do the same. Gouken will do anything to keep Akuma from controlling Ryu's destiny.

[edit] Trivia

  • Gouken was built on a one time April Fool's Joke created by the video game magazine: Electronic Gaming Monthly where you can fight against Sheng Long (who replaces M. Bison) when you go through the game (up to Bison) without losing a single round. Sheng Long had long white hair, a black gi and had the same moves as Ryu and Ken. This design was to be used in Street Fighter 4.

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