Home Country:Unknown
Height:6' 11"
Weight:745 LBS
Fighting Style:Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis
First Appearence:Street Fighter 3

[edit] Origin

‘’’Gill’’’ runs an organization shrouded in mystery known as the Illuminati. This cult-like group has been taking control of major world events throughout history under guise for over 2000 years. They ultimately strive to build a utopia on earth out of their own hands through the salvation of mankind. ‘’’Gill’’’ had adopted his unique physical traits through constant genetic experiments performed upon him through Illuminati superiors at a young age. This granted him amazing speed and strength that can far surpass that of any regular human’s, which in turn allowed him to enter a serious training program for fighters under the Illuminati name. He eventually rose through the ranks and dominated as top warrior among his people. Unfortunately, his brother, Urien, was sorely jealous of ‘’’Gill’’’’s rising stardom. As written in Illuminati legend, the previous Emperor who ruled this organization would have his soul placed into the waiting body of an heir after passing. Through all of their latest efforts, the Illuminati were determined for this traditional practice to be performed through ‘’’Gill’’’. After reaching the age of 22, ‘’’Gill’’’ became the President of all the Illuminati. Due to his brother, Urien’s unstable moodswings and dangerous tendencies, he was given the honour of Vice Presidency under ‘’’Gill’’’. Letting his jealousy ultimately take over, Urien eventually fights ‘’’Gill’’’ for the right of his high-ranked position and triumphs. Despite gaining Presidency, ‘’’Gill’’’ remained undemoted and in turn promoted to the highest honour which can be bestowed upon a member of the Illuminati: the Emperor of the entire organization and their potential god. With ‘’’Gill’’’ at the helm, the Illuminati organization persisted to thrive and grow on his guidance and leadership, attaining various forms of power through the world of business and trade. After getting their hands on a particular brand of car known as a Jaguar off of Dudley(an acclaimed heavyweight boxing champion native to Britain)’s father, he immediately challenged ‘’’Gill’’’ to a one-on-one fight for the rights to this possession again. Regarding this fighter’s skill and worthiness, he passed up the fight and gave back the car instead since the motives of the Illuminati were far more important anyway. From there, this organization carried on with their horrible physical and genetic experiments upon regular humans in order to drastically enhance their overall functionality through forcefully kidnapping them or creating artificial humans(or homunculus). These actions were all part of a plan known as the G-Project. Through this, Necro and Twelve, a pair of super soldiers born of these experiments, came to be. They were solely brought into the world in order to strictly follow the orders of the Illuminati elite. From there, ‘’’Gill’’’ proceeded to organize the ‘’’World Warrior’’’ tournament with the help of his secretary, Kolin. The purpose of this tournament was to find each and every being with enough strength about them to repopulate the hole that humanity leaves after the end of the world is brought about through the hands of the Illuminati.

[edit] Street Fighter 3

‘’’Gill’’’ first appeared in the ‘’’Street Fighter’’’ series’ third incarnation as the overall main boss. He is introduced as a cult leader who intends to rule over everyone and everything. It is later revealed just how twisted and corrupt this cult actually is, accomplishing whatever they desire through horrible experiments, kidnapping, and brainwashing for the purpose of finding and/or creating those who belong in their ranks.

This particular ‘’’Street Fighter’’’ character is well known by his body colour which is split into half red and half blue. He is incredibly muscular with extremely long, flowing locks of blonde hair meant to appear similar to that of your ancient gods depicted in Greek mythology.

After he is defeated by each character at least once in their campaign mode, ‘’’Gill’’’ will become selectable. He is a formidably powerful character as opposed to every other in this installment, which is why he can only be played as in Free Play Mode and no other. Along with this character’s incredible strength, he is also admirably fast as opposed to other heavyweight characters. His other area of expertise are the stun moves, which he packs a lot of and has a talent for stringing them excessively. It is noticably difficult to properly block any attacks from this powerhouse of a being since he can actually push it back on the attacker as damage rather than do nothing. This, in turn, makes perfect wins against this particular character pretty much undoable. ‘’’Gill’’’ possesses a special ability known as the ‘’’Resurrection Super Art’’’, which allows him to steadily regain his HP during a fight as long as his ‘’’Super Arts’’’ bar is topped to it’s maximum. During this recovery process, the opponent is pushed away from ‘’’Gill’’’ by means of an invisible force, making it increasingly difficult to halt this frustrating process.

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