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Home Country:China
Height:5' 6" (168 cm)
Weight:134 1/2 lbs. (61 kg)
Fighting Style:Soul-Ryu (Mourning Style) Kyo-Ryu (Hateful Style)
First Appearence:Street Fighter

[edit] Story

  • Pre-Street Fighter

One of the superior fighters in China, Gen has taught many a person throughout his fighting life. He has taught Chun-Li, a close friend's daughter in her childhood. Gen's martial arts style focuses on traditional chinese martial arts such as Tiger, Crane, and Mantis style, though Gen makes them his own, through making them more fit for assassinations and murders, focusing on all major organs and vital points on his opponents body. Gen is famous in the Chinese Underworld as a famous assassin. He is believed to be around age 70 by Street Fighter 4.

  • Street Fighter

Gen did not play a major role in this Street Fighter. He had joined the tournament initially to meet and fight with the world's toughest martial artists, and when he did not find any, he returned to China.

  • Street Fighter Alpha Series

In this series, Gen finds out that he has a deadly disease, known as leukemia. He did not want to die in a bed or without any impact, so he had decided to target key members of Shadaloo. Disappointed that he could not find a worthy opponent, Gen heard about Akuma. After searching and locating Akuma, they fought. In the ferocious battle Akuma had to resort to Shun Goku Satsu, or Instant Hell Kill. Gen emptied his heart and mind, not letting the technique consume him, and thus surviving it. Akuma as well, was unaffected by Gen's Shadow Fist. The battle was stopped by Akuma when he discovered that Gen was ill, and left the scene.

  • Note- It is said that Gen and Akuma had fought once again in Street Fighter Alpha 3, but the whereabouts and winner of the fight is unknown. It is apparent that both fighters lived by their continuation in Street Fighter 4.*
  • Street Fighter 4

The background of Gen in this series is that he is continually haunted by the ghosts of the men and women that he has killed throughout his lifetime. He swears vehemently to the ghosts that he will not give in to him for as long as he still lives and breathes. He thinks of how strong and grown up his disciple Chun-Li has become, and reflects on how he knows he cannot protect her for much longer due to his illness. He joins the S.I.N. organized tournament, and meets up with Chun-Li. She demands he tell her everything about her father and his death. Gen shakes his head and refuses, fading away to the background. Although it is not shown how, Gen protects and saves Chun-Li when the S.I.N. base is collapsing into rubble. While he is trapped under the battle, he witnesses the fight between Gouken and Akuma over an unconscious Ryu. Their intensity rekindles Gen's fading passion, with him calling it the 'Ultimate Battle' with both sides refusing to give up. This makes Gen realize that he won't give up, and he resolves to fight his battle with life and death from then on.

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