Home Country:Japan
Height:5' 8"
Weight:142 LBS.
Fighting Style:Saikyo Style
First Appearence:Street Fighter Alpha


[edit] Story

[edit] Pre-Street Fighter

When Dan Hibiki was just a child, his father Go was a prominent martial artist. Go would compete in a World Warrior Tournament and made it to the tournament's finals against the champion Sagat. This fight was intense, but during the fight Go had permanently damaged Sagat's right eye, because of this Sagat was filled with anger and rage which he not just defeated Go, but killed him. Upon learning of this, Dan has vowed revenge against Sagat and will not absolutely stop until he has achieved his goal. When Dan was of age, he discovered Gouken who trained him for only several months, but as Gouken learned of Dan's reason behind wanting to train, Gouken expelled Dan. But despite his expulsion from the karate school Dan is still determined to defeat Sagat.

[edit] Street Fighter Alpha 2

When he felt that he was ready for his fight, Dan decides to travel the world. He first went to Brazil and he encountered Blanka, they fought each other to introduce themselves, and then they became friends. Dan then went back to Japan as he had found a school girl named Sakura who after she fought Ryu and wanted him to be her master, but turned her down as Ryu was still learning on how to be a true martial artist. Dan gladly agreed to be her master. During his travels, Dan has developed his own style which he calls "Saikyo". Dan eventually encounters Sagat who told him about his father's fight and Dan fights Sagat in hopes to avenge his father. However, Sagat knows what kind of fighter Dan is and to prove that Sagat isn't just the better fighter but the better person overall, he throws the fight against Dan. As Dan defeats Sagat, he has avenged his father. Once he returns to Japan he opens a school to teach his Saikyo style to not just in Japan, but the entire world.

[edit] Street Fighter 4/Super Street Fighter 4

Many years have passed and his school is mightily struggling. He has even tried everything from commercials and even T-Shirts of his school and nothing seems to work. Dan even blames the originators of the World Warrior Tournament for not inviting him to the tournament to prove the world of his fighting style. What he would soon realize that his telephone line was cut off. As Sakura comes to his school, and after hearing him complain about no new students, Sakura stated that Dan forgot to put the address of his school.

[edit] Fighting Style

Dan's fighting style which he calls "Saikyo" is similar to Ansatsuken, but it's considered a lesser version as Dan's special moves are similar but have shorter range. He has also added a few special taunts in his style as well as to make his opponents lose concentration and perform bad against Dan.

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