Home Country:United States
Weight:190 LBS.
Fighting Style:Street Fighting
Blood Type:O
Likes:* Mayor Mike Haggar
  • Jessica
  • Street Fighting
  • Metro City Street Meat
Dislikes:* The Mad Gear Gang
  • Sodom
  • Rolento
  • Guy (used to like him)
  • Lectures
  • boredom
  • First Appearance:Final Fight


    [edit] Story

    [edit] Final Fight

    Cody Travers is a small time fighter in the crime ridden city known as Metro City. He is good friends with fellow fighters Guy and Mike Haggar. As Mike Haggar went into politics and eventually was elected the new mayor of Metro City, he promised to wipe the city clean of corruption. One day, Mike receives a phone call from Thrasher saying that he has his daughter Jessica and is offering Haggar a special bonus for his co-opperation, but instead he decides to rediscover his fighting ways to rid the city of the organization known as Mad Gear. Upon hearing about Jessica's kidnapping, Cody decides to join Haggar in his quest to rescue Jessica and Guy also volunteers to help. While fighting Mad Gear in Metro City, Cody encounters a polic officer named Edi E. Upon defeating him, Cody is disgusted on how even the city's law enforcement is corrupted by Mad Gear. The trio of fighters meet up in the uptown area as Haggar (while fighting and defeating Abagail at the bay) received word that Jessica is being held by the crime ring's leader Belger. As the 3 fighters finally encounter Belger, he has Jessica with him and attacks the fighters in his motorized wheelchair. Haggar throws him out of his wheelchair and the fighters attack Belger, but it would be Cody who would deliver the final blow to Belger as he would use his "Hero Uppercut" to send Belger flying out of a nearby window and to his eventual death. Haggar than consoles Jessica and his overwhelmed with joy to see her alive and unharmed. Then, as both Guy and Cody are leaving the building Jessica stops them but Guy punches Cody in the face and takes off, Jessica then comes over to Cody and becomes upset with him by just running off, despite Cody saying that evil still stalks the streets of Metro City Jessica convinces him to stay with her. Soon after he and Jessica go on a vacation.

    [edit] Final Fight: Revenge

    Several months after Cody defeated Belger and the Mad Gear gang, some remenants of the gang are still lurking in the city. Now, what is left of the gang is hosting their own tournament in the city. Cody receives word that Jessica is missing, he joins the tournament to not only rescue Jessca once again but to prove his reputation as a hero of the city. Unforunately, Cody could not find Jessica anywhere (much to his dismay, she moved to Europe to study abroad), instead he was set up for a crime by Poison and Edi E defeats cody and arrests him. Though Cody isn't responisble for the crimes set up by Poison, but his assault charges would land him in jail.

    [edit] Street Fighter Alpha 3

    Cody has spent about a year in prison. With nothing left to lean on he becomes more and more a pointless fighter. One day he uses his uppercut move to break out of prison, now free Cody knows what to do: find a fight that would satisfy him. He finds Birdie in an abandoned train yard, and despite Birdie's superior strength Cody was able to defeat him. He also has several fights before he eventually ran into Guy in Metro City who was surprised to see the once proud hero of the city to fall from grace and somewhat upset to discover that Cody has dramatically changed from the last time he saw him. After the fight Guy asked Cody where he was going, but Cody gave no definate answer. Cody has disappeared since.

    [edit] Super Street Fighter 4

    Some time has passed since Cody's first unofficial outing from prison. Once again his desire to fight overwhelmed him and once again used his fighting abilities to break out of prison. While searching for a desirable fight, he encounters Guy once again who asks him about the Shadaloo Organization S.I.N. and asks him if he should join him, but Cody declines and then fights his former friend and training partner. After the fight Cody then continues on his journey. Cody would eventually find S.I.N.'s secret underground lab, he defeats several guards until he notices the lab about to be destroyed, he escapes before the lab was destroyed. While wandering around the rubble of the lab, he encounters Guy again who gives him a lecture in hopes to make Cody realize his reason for him going after S.I.N. as Guy still believes that deep inside Cody he is still the hero that everybody once known. But Cody just shrugs off Guy and walks away saying that he will return to his cell.

    [edit] Final Fight: Streetwise

    Several years have passed and now Cody has been released from prison. Due to problems with his knees, Cody decides to let go of street fighting. As Cody returns to a dramatically changed Metro City, he finds about his brother Kyle and decides to train him in the ways of street fighting. But as Kyle competes in the underground fights he loses as he fights head on against his opponent which upsets Cody and fuels his desire to fight once more. Then Cody begins to take a special medicene known as "G.L.O.W." that relieves his weak knees and regenerates his strength, but soon after Cody begins to become increasingly dependant on this medicene and begins fighting again in these underground fights himself until he eventually ends up missing. Upon hearing of this Kyle decides to find his brother with the help of Guy and Haggar. Kyle eventually finds his brother who is heavily addicted to the medication and now in captivation under Bella (Belger's younger brother), Cody fights Kyle but loses, but as Bella has Kyle pinned down Cody recovers and defeats Bella only to have been severly injured in the process and was hospitalized along with his brother. After the brothers were released, Cody has told Kyle that he is finally freed from the medicene and even told him that the medication has permenatly relieved him from the pain that bellowed his knees.

    [edit] Cody's Fighting Style and Moves

    Unlike most of the characters in the game, Cody is the *real* Street Fighter as most of his moves derive from the once crime ridden streets of Metro City. Because Cody is a street fighter his moves are rough, dirty and violent, he also has developed an expertise in knife handling as well as he used a knives against Mad Gear and his opponents as he can use it in melee combat as well as throwing them. Cody has also picked up some new moves during his time in prison to further define his style of fighting.

    • Criminal Uppercut:Cody's signature move. Once called the "Hero Uppercut" as he used this move to ultimately defeat Belger. Since then, he has developed this move even when in prison as he used it twice to free himself from the confinments of prison to feed his desire to fight and can also perform a miniature tornado near the uppercut.
    • Bad Stone:Cody picked this move up while in prison. He has trained his hands to dig geep to pick up stones and throw them at his opponent in hopes to blind them long enough to land a second strike.
    • Ruffian Kick:After his defeat of the Mad Gear Cody realizes that he must make use of his legs as well as his arms. After his vacation with Jessica, he trains his legs and has developed this move, even when he went to prison Cody further developed his kick move. This kick can hit in many different directions. If it hits high, it can knock his opponent down.
    • Knife Throw:As suggested before, Cody is an expert on kife handling. He can use a knife in close quarters as well as from a distance. In his fights Cody usually has a knife in the center of the fighting arena and if he picks it up he can use it on his opponent either up close or from range.

    [edit] Character Relations

    • Guy~Cody's former freind and training partner. As Cody was going to join Mike Haggar Guy decided to help him. But as Cody was sent to jail, their relationship has soured somewhat. Though Cody seems to have some kind of resentment towards Guy (as he thinks that he's just as preachy as Haggar).
    • Poison~One of the members of Mad Gear that Cody encountered many times on his mission to defeat Mad Gear. Though Poison had a secret crush on Cody for his physical appearence and his fighting abilities.
    • Hugo~Another member of Mad Gear that Cody had encountered many times during his mission to defeat Mad Gear. Cody is one of the first fighters to stand up to Hugo's great endurance.

    [edit] Trivia

    • Cody was based off of a character named Tom Cody from the movie: Streets of Fire. Both are local fighters who get their revenge on a street gang for kidnapping their grilfriend. The developers of the game weren't made aware of the movie and said that it was an amazing coincidence.
    • Cody's sad fate of being a prisoner was almost going to be given to a forgotten character of Street Fighter: Joe (who was an enemy in the first game). But the developers decided on Cody because he was a more interesting character and better relates to Guy.
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