SF Chun-Li.jpg
Home Country:China
Height:5' 7"
Fighting Style:Kung-Fu
Blood Type:A
Likes:* Charlie
  • Crepes
  • Fruit
  • American Candy
Dislikes:* Vega
  • M. Bison
  • Crime
  • People who are not straight forward
  • First Appearence:Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior


    [edit] Story

    • Street Fighter Alpha Series

    When Chun-Li was little, her father was an interpol agent. Then during an attack by shadaloo, her father was killed. The Chinese government took Chun-Li in and she was taught on how to be an agent just like her father.

    Then, she took on the mission to defeat shadaloo and their leader M.Bison. She teams up with 2 air force pilots Charlie and Guile. But, when Charlie and Guile went into one of Bison's base in Thailand, only Guile came out. Seeing how distraught Guile was, Chun-Li tried to console him.

    • Street Fighter 2

    Then, she would meet Guile again, and team up with Ryu and Ken Masters to try to defeat Bison. As Ryu and Ken defeated Bison, she and Guile went their seperate ways, as they payed their respects to the people that Bison have taken away from them. Chun-Li also took the time to take care of kids as well, teaching them kung-fu. Chun-Li also took it upon herself to adopt a little girl.

    • Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

    Then, after her adopted daughter was kidnapped by Urien, she went on a journey to find her. She eventually would run into Urien and defeated him. This is when Urien decided to release Chun-Li's daughter.

    [edit] Special Moves

    As being involved in a lot of Chinese Mrtial Arts (such as Kung-Fu and Wing-Chun being several of the known) Chun-Li had developed natural footwork from both her father and later Gen. Because of this she focuses most of her power on her legs, making her kicks very devestating (even for male fighters as well).

    • Lightning Kick

    With her natural footwork from Chinese Mrtial Arts, Chun-Li has learned to focus all of her power on her left leg and (much like E.Honda with his slap move) kick in rapid fashion. This move can hit Chun-Li's opponent up to 4 times.

    • Chi Fireball (Kikoken)

    After her first encounter with Ryu she quickly learned about his fireball move, she taught herself on how to develop one of her own. Though, when she fought with this move newly taught, it only had limited range, but as she learned to develop this move, it was able to reach further distances.

    • Whirlwind Kick/ Spinning Bird Kick

    Chun-Li has learned this move from her father. She learned to perform a handstand and split her legs apart and focused her energy to start spinning while staying suspended in the air. This move can hit Chun-Li's opponent up to 4 times.

    • Rising spin Kick

    Always learning new kick techniques, Chun-Li has learned to perform an anti-air special move, for when she faced oponnents who like to jump. This move can hit Chun-Li's opponent up to 3 times.

    [edit] Super Combos

    • Super Lightning Kick

    Focusing all of her energy in her lower body, Chun-Li can use this Super Combo to produce a devestating and seemingly endless flurry of rapid kicks. This move can hit Chun-Li's opponent up to 13 times.

    • Chi Shield

    By focusing her energy in her hands, Chun_li has learned to produce the energy in her hands to prduce a small energy shield. This move can hit Chun-Li's opponent up to 5 times.

    [edit] Character Relations

    • Ryu~She keeps a professional relationship with Ryu. They respect each other as great fighters and occasionally will share information with him.
    • Charlie~He was her American contact and partner while on missions to destroy Shadaloo. There was also a hint of romance between the 2 as Chun-Li liked his handsome and intellectual looks.
    • Guile~Replaced Charlie as Chun-Li's American contact, at first wasn't fond of Guile as they fought each other. But consoled Guile after Charlie's apparent death and told him not to give up on his friend. They share a common interest and a common enemy: M. Bison.
    • Cammy~During her mission in Thailand, she fought Cammy, knowing that she's being controlled Chun-Li nursed her back to health after Bison's defeat. Chun-Li accepted her as a professional partner.
    • M. Bison~The killer of her father. Like Guile, Chun-Li holds a strong hatred toward Bison and will do anything to apprehend him.
    • Urien~A cold, emotionless being that kidnapped one of Chun-Li's students. She's determined to rescue her student from him.
    • Juri~The lost daughter of a Korean Lawyer. Chun-Li along with Cammy and Guile fought against her, but lost.

    [edit] Anecdotes

    • Chun-Li was the first playable female character in a tournament fighting game. Plus, she also set the standard of other female characters in other fighting games, as she expressed taht the female character can still look pretty but can still fight and be powerful enough to take down a male fighter. Soon, all fighting games will have female characters with Chun-Li's qualities (E.G. [Sonya Blade], [Mai Shiranui])

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