Home Country:N/A
Height:6' 3"
Weight:216 LBS
Fighting Style:Self Taught
Blood Type:B
Likes:* His Mother
  • Dan
  • Tropical Fruits
Dislikes:* M.Bison
  • Army ants
  • First Appearence:Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior


    [edit] Story

    Blanka came from the unknown regions of the Amazon Rain Forest. Having no memory of his past, he tries to search for them. He has alomst superhuman abilities as he can tuck his body into a ball and radiate eletricity all over his body.

    [edit] Special Moves

    As being self taught in fighting (and with his body being able to produce electricity) he uses these abilities to his advantage.

    • Electric Thunder

    By using his own ability to produce electricity, Blanka can produce enough electricity to cause a dangerous shock to his opponent.

    • Rolling Attack

    Blanka's body is naturally flexible. So he can tuck his entire body into a ball, and lainch himself to his opponent.

    • Virtical Rolling Attack

    Blanka has learned to use his rolling abilitiy in a lot of ways, this version allows Blanka to attack his opponents when they are about to attack from the air.

    [edit] Character Relations

    • Dan~Encountering him in Brazil, Blanka fought Dan (who won is uncertain), then has decided to join Dan and become one of his personal students in Dan's own style of Saikyo.
    • Sakura~In Japan, Blanka came across another Student that Dan accepted named Sakura. Liking her upbeat attitude and sense of excitement.

    [edit] Anecdotes

    • Despite Blanka being a beast, he is actually intellgent (enough for speech).
    • Blanka is spanish for "White".

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