Home Country:Great Britain
Height:7' 2"
Weight:296 LBS.
Fighting Style:Generic Wrestling
First Appearence:Street Fighter

For Several Years, street brawler Birdie was a great champion in the street wrestling circuit in all of Europe. Then, he has heard of the Street Fighter tournament. Despite the fact that he was sick (which accounts for the disfigurement of his skin) he still fought, but he was defeated by Ryu.

For the next few years, after he lost his reputation as a great fighter, he tries to regain his lost reputation by competing the street wrestling tournaments, but he never rediscovered his lost fame. this is where Birdie joins the criminal organization shadaloo. He started as a bar bouncer, then he became a thug. However, Birdie's actions would soon bring him under suspicion, as shadaloo sent Balrog to try to dispose of Birdie. But, Balrog did not want to kill such a powerful fighter, this is when both Birdie and Balrog fight for the sake of their own organization.

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