Home Country:United States
Height:6' 6"
Weight:225 LBS.
Fighting Style:Boxing
Women (Except Chun-Li)
Dislikes:Hard Work
Doing math
Working as a team
First Appearence:Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior(USA)


[edit] Pre-Street Fighter

Once the undisputed heavyweight champion boxer, Balrog had used brutal tatics to defeat his opponents, he continued to use them until he was banned permenantly. He was founded by M. Bison to make him his servant to become a part of Shadaloo.

[edit] Street Fighter Alpha 3

Balrog was on location in India while performing Bison's duties. He killed Dhalsim's pet Elephant to test his skills and a new move he performed: The Gigaton punch. While he was still in India, Balrog was given orders by an undercover Shadaloo agent (sent by Bison himself) to hunt down and eliminate another Shadaloo member: Birdie. Not one to question his boss, Balrog went to Europe to find Birdie and perform his objective. Balrog has found Birdie in an abandoned train yard in Great Britain, though it's unknown who won the fight, but Birdie told Balrog about Bison's new device called the Psycho Drive. Balrog, believing that he can make a great deal of money with this new device, the two decide to venture to Thailand together to find the Psycho Drive. But as soon as they got there, the Psycho Drive was already destroyed. Even worse for Balrog, he wasn't paid for his past deeds in India.

[edit] Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Balrog discovers that his master survived the destruction of the Psycho Drive and has returned and is hosting a tournament known as "The World Warrior". He was given an invitation and orders to keep whoever gets into the later stages of the tournament from going any further. It is unclear who Balrog fought in the tournament, but once Bison was killed by Akuma at the climax of the tournament Balrog was named the new leader of Shadaloo. But because of Balrog's inexperience of leading a terrorist organization, Shadaloo quickly fell into ruin. Broke, and desperate for money. Balrog went (somewhat) clean for a while as working as a bodyguard for Casinos and bars in Las Vegas.

[edit] Ultra Street Fighter 4

For several months, Balrog was working as a guard for Las Vegas' Casinos and bars. This is until he was met by Bison himself (resurrected into a new body) and was given a job to protect Bison's female gaurds (who Balrog called them "Bison's Dolls). Bored, Balrog decides to go on another "get rich quick" scheme. He ventures to Seth's underground laboratory to find whatever is valuable (something he can sell) but as Seth's lab was about to collapse, he finds a little boy with a bandage on his head. balrog asks him if he can do anything, the boy doesn't respond in a way Balrog finds satisfactory, nevertheless Balrog takes the boy in hopes that he can do something. Unbeknownst to Balrog is that the boy has some form of Psycho Power in him (evidence in his left hand which glows purple with a Shadaloo symbol).

[edit] Fighting Style

Balrog is of the typical western Boxing that symbolizes the United States and Western Europe since the 19th century. Balrog can put a lot of power behind his fists, they can hit so hard that Balrog can destroy a punching bag with relative ease (either breaking them in half or even take them off of the ceilings). As he became champion however, Balrog has also developed some illegal moves such as headbutts and even some elbow moves which eventually led to his permanent banning from Boxing. Balrog isn't very bright when it comes to kicking as he has stated one time: "What is a kick?"

[edit] Special Moves

Dash Punch: The dash punch allows Balrog to travel at incredible speed and punch with excessive force to do damage.

Dash Uppercut: Almost the same as a Dash Punch. But he throws an uppercut.

Headbutt: He jumps with his head going up and can do damage.

Crazy Buffalo: He punches consecutive times to defeat his opponent.

Gigaton Punch: One massive punch that can eliminate even huge animals (even elephants).

[edit] Character Relations

Vega: Balrog doesn't get along with Vega as Vega focuses on his own personal beauty (which irritates Balrog) but at times they team up to perform objectives for their boss: M.Bison.

Sagat: Balrog doesn't like Sagat very much either. This is because they have different approaches to the fight. Balrog doesn't care if he would kill off his opponent if he needs to whereas Sagat still believes in honor in himself and his opponents.

M. Bison Balrog's boss. It seems that bison is the only person that Balrog doesn't find problematic (only because Bison can provide him with the money he wants).

Birdie: Originally Balrog was sent to eliminate Birdie, but after the fight (the winner is undetermined) they team up to find Bison's Psycho Drive.

Chun-Li: Usually, Balrog like the company of women. But there's one he doesn't like: Chun-Li, for her sense of justice and her constant interruptions to Balrog's objectives.

[edit] Trivia

  • In the first Street Fighter, there was a boxer named Mike. The developers of the game had stated that his full name was Mike Bison an obvious nod to the infamous Champion US Boxer: Mike Tyson.
    • Capcom wanted to prevent any copyright infringement lawsuits filed by Tyson himself, one way to do it is to make another boxing character named Balrog for the US versions of Street Fighter II.
    • Capcom has also stated that the 2 boxers: Mike and Balrog are 2 completely different characters.

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