SF3 Akuma B.jpg
Home Country:Japan
Weight:172 LBS.
Fighting Style:Shotokan Karate (Ansatsuken)
Likes:*Training in Ansastauken
  • Chenneling the Sastui No Hadou
  • Worthy Opponents
  • Ryu
  • Warriors he deems unworthy
  • Anybody who interfers his training
  • First Appearence:Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Grand Master Challenge


    [edit] Pre-Street Fighter

    Also known as "The Supreme Master of the Fist", Akuma is the brother of Ryu's master, Gouken. Akuma was also very skilled with shotokan karate under the master Goutetsu. As his brother Gouken leaves Goutetsu, Akuma decides to stay and study about the dark secret that Akuma learns, it is called the "Raging demon" a move that can in a few hits, kill a person. This is when Akuma was consumed by the evil energy within him known as the Statsui No Hadou. For many years, Akuma would teach himself on how to make the Satsui No Hadou do his own bidding rather than let the energy control him.

    [edit] Street Fighter

    At the same time of the final stages of the World Warrior Tournament, Akuma reveals himself to Gouken and challenges him to a death match. In the end, Akuma used his Raging Demon against Gouken to kill him (though little did Akuma know that Gouken used a special energy technique to protect himself from the Raging Demon's killing energy). Ken Masters witnesses this fight and by seeing Gouken seemingly dead, Ken challenges Akuma, but Akuma defeats Ken easily with a single blow.

    [edit] Street Fighter Alpha Series

    As Ryu (the new "King of the Street Fighters") returns to Japan, he sees Gouken lie seemingly dead. He now vows for revenge in Akuma. Knowing of this, Akuma begins to train and prepair for himself for Ryu's revenge

    But, he was eventually found by Ryu. Despite that Akuma having more power, he could not defeat the determined fighter. Before Akuma uses his power to destroy the island that he and Ryu were on, he tells him about the Satsui No Hadou and the real reason why Ryu won the World Warrior Tournament, he then uses his power to destroy his island off the coast of Japan.

    Akuma now lives to find opponents that would be worthy of his time, he traveled to China and found a fighter named Gen. As he fought Gen, Akuma once again used his Raging Demon move, again it did not affect Gen, as he emptied his heart and mind as soon as the move went into effect, but when Akuma discovered that Gen was dying, he left.

    [edit] Street Fighter 2

    When another World Warrior Tournament was being held by the sinister organization known as "Shadaloo:, Akuma would rise again with the rising of shadaloo and M.Bison. He wanted to show that his evil energy is more powerful than Bison's phsyco power, then he faces Bison as Bison was defeated by both Ryu and Ken and kills Bison with the Raging Demon move.

    [edit] Street Fighter 4

    About a year after Akuma seemingly defeated Bison. A Shadaloo sponsored organization known as S.I.N. is hosting another World Warrior Tournament. Though Akuma wouldn't compete in this tournament, but it is known that Akuma received word that Gouken survived the Raging Demon and has returned. As Gouken defeats Ryu and then teaches him his power to nullify the Sastui No Hadou within him, Akuma became quite upset that Ryu is now freed from the Satsui No Hadou and challenges Gouken to yet another death match. Whoever wins this match is unknown.

    [edit] Street Fighter 3

    Several years after his fight with Gouken. Akuma still trains and harnesses the Satsui no Hadou. Unfortunately, now he can no longer have his death match with Ryu as Ryu now harnesses The Power of Mu (meaning Nothingness) to nullify and neutralize the Satsui no Hadou within him. But when Akuma catches wind of yet another World Warrior tounament sponsored by the Emperor of the Illuminati: Gill Akuma sees the opportunity to fight the Emperor. though, it is unclear who fought Gill at the end, but as Akuma did with Bison several years ago, Akuma used the Raging Demon on Gill to kill him. But little does Akuma know that Gill has the ability to resurrect himself. Akuma also faced Oro during the tournament, the outcome of this fight is unknown.

    [edit] Fighting Style

    Akuma (like Ryu, Ken and his brother Gouken) was trained in Ansatsuken (a personal form of Shotokan Karate) by he and his brother Gouken's master: Goutetsu. But as Gouken left Akuma and Goutetsu, Akuma stayed to learn the ways of the dark side to Ansatsuken powered by the Satsui No Hadou. Akuma has learned to fuse the Satsui no Hadou with his moves and even can perform some of the energy's devestating power.

    [edit] Special Moves

    Gou Hadouken (Hyper Surge Fist): Akuma's version of the Hadouken.

    Gou Shoryuken (Hyper Rising Dragon Fist): Akuma's version of the Shoryuken.

    Tatsumakizankukyaku (Tornado Power Legs): Akuma's version of the Tatsumakisenpukyaku.

    Zanku Hadouken (Slashing Air Surge Fist): Akuma had studied the Hadouken and he trained himself on how to perform the move while in the air. As of right now, he can only throw one of these moves. Only in his shin form can he throw 2.

    Shakunetsu Hadouken (Scorching Heat Surge Fist): Akuma learned to use intense heat while performing the Hadouken. But unlike Ryu's version which dissapates after it hits the opponent. Akuma's can infuse with the Satsui no Hadou and can hit the opponent 3 times.

    Hyakkishu (Hundred Demons Assault): Learned from his time with Goutetsu. Akuma leaps into the air and dive bombs his opponent with a kick.

    Ashura Zenku (Fighting Demon Flashing Air): By Using the Satsui No Hadou, Akuma can transport himself to one part of the fighting arena to the other and he's invulnerable while performing this move.

    [edit] Super Combos

    Messtatsu Gou Haou (Destroying Hyper Surge): Akuma's own version of the Shinku Hadouken.

    Tenma Gou Zankuu (Sky Demon Great Slashing Air): By concentrating his energy, Akuma can fire a huge Zanku Hadouken while in the air. Akuma can also perform a large beam of energy while in the air.

    Messatsu Gou Shoryu (Destroying Hyper Rising Dragon): Akuma's own advanced version of the Shoryureppa.

    Messatsu Gou Rasen (Destroying Hyper Spiral): Akuma's own advanced version of the Shinku Tatsumakispenuukyaku. Akuma actualy rises vertically during this move.

    Shungokusatsu (Raging Demon): Once called the "Bison Killer". The raging Demon is the essence of the Satsui No Hadou. Akuma glides across the ground and if he grabs his opponent. Mysterious forces hit the opponent 15 to 18 times. According to the Street Fighter story, Akuma had killed several opponents with this move, the exceptions are Gouken and Gen who studied the move's weakness, as the fighter consumed with the Satsui no Hadou grabs the opponent, the opponent must empty their heart before the hitting forces makes contact to nullify the move's killing potential, but it isn't without consequences, it could render the opponent unconscious for a long time. Others that were hit by the Raging Demon are M. Bison and Gill. But in some ways they can come back from the dead. The advanced variation is called Shinshungokusatsu (Wrath of the Raging Demon) where it can kill the opponent even when the opponent still has strength to fight back.

    Tenshin Kaireki Jin (Demon Armageddon): Another variation of the Messatsu Gou Rasen. Akuma strikes his opponent with a kick which sends them flying into the air and Akuma gets a Messatsu Gou Rasen going and he heads off to the opponent and as the move hits, Akuma's sign appears and the opponent falls to the ground.

    [edit] Trivia

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