SF Abel.jpg
Home Country:France
Height:6' 6"
Weight:217 LBS.
Fighting Style:Pankration
Blood Type:A
  • Seth
  • Oysters
  • Strangers that ask personal questions
  • First appearenceStreet Fighter 4

    [edit] Story

    [edit] Street Fighter 4

    Abel (pronounced as "able") is a French mercenary with problems with his memory. He was found by a former French soldier who knew an old martial art known as "Pankration". Because Abel's memory fails him he has no idea on how the man who attended to him disappeared. For months, Abel developed a personality for himself where he became interested in movies starring Fei-Long and having an extensive love for animals (dogs & cats in particular) after adopting a dog, he begins a personal journey to resdicover his past. In his journey, Abel has found Fei-Long and asks him to fight him though whoever won the battle is unknown. As Abel continues his journey, he also encounters Guile at an air base in Africa, as he sees Guile perform his special move: The Sonic Boom, Abel asks Guile where he learned it from, then Guile asks Abel where Charlie is (in hopes to find his unknown whereabouts) but Abel resists as he does not know Guile and feels that Guile has no business asking him such a question, the two fight with Guile losing the battle. Then, Abel joins Guile in his mission to destroy S.I.N. and their leader Seth. At the S.I.N. headquarters, Abel and Guile were joined with Chun-Li who is already on the trail of S.I.N. As Guile & Chun-Li infiltrate deep into the headquarters Abel then encountered Seth himself. Seth proceeded to tell Abel that he was one of M. Bison's failed host bodies that was supposed to be disposed of but survived. Abel defeats Seth, but M. Bison comes out of nowhere to eliminate Seth. As the S.I.N. headquarters begins to crumble, Abel dashes and makes it out of the headquarters before the HQ is destroyed. In the rubble, he sees Guile holding an uncontious Chun-Li. Then, Chun-Li guides Abel back to his home in France. Sometime after, Abel travels to Hong Kong to meet up with Fei-Long and to see if he can have a role in his upcoming movie, Fei-Long agrees

    [edit] Abel's fighting style and moves

    Abel's fighting style is a Martial Arts Dcicpline that dates back to anicent Greece known as "Pankration". Which consists of punches, kicks and various grappling moves.

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