Street Fighter 3

Street Fighter III (New Generation)
As shown in arcade machine's Title Screens
Release DatesArcade
(JP) Febuary 4, 1997
Mode(s)Single Player, Multiplayer
Designer(s)Tomoshi Sadamoto (producer) Yasuhiro Seto, Tomonori Ohmura, Obata Shinichiro, Halachie du Harais, Hidetoshi Ishizawa (planner)

Street Fighter III: New Generation is a game in the Street Fighter franchise, first being released in the Arcades as "New Generation" but later got updated to consoles with Street Fighter: Second Impact and Street Fighter: 3rd Strike, which made Street Fighter III be the first generation to break away from the arcades, and jump into consoles in homes worldwide. The new features in New Generation included:

  • Parry- The ability to "parry" or block your opponents attack. Parrying is described by deflecting your opponent's attack in a manner that nullifies any damage that would have been done. Additionally, after deflecting the attack, the opponent is momentarily stunned and gives the user a chance to pull off a counter attack.
  • Super Arts- Identical to the Super Combo Gauges used in the Alpha series. The user picks a specific art available to the character prior to the match, and when the gauge fills up, the user can initiate the art.

[edit] Character List

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