SF Ryu E.jpg
Home Country:Japan
Height:5' 9" (175 cm)
Weight:176 lbs (80 kg)
Fighting Style:Shotokan Karate (Ansastuken)
Blood Type:O
Likes:* Training in Ansastuken
  • Following the path of the warrior
  • Mizu Youkan (Japanese jelly)
  • Gouken
  • Ken Masters
  • General Martial Arts
Dislikes* Akuma
  • Sastui No Hado
  • Spiders (He once awoke with one in his mouth)
  • Materialistic Humans
  • First Appearence:Street Fighter


    [edit] Story

    [edit] Street Fighter

    Ryu was orphaned as a child, but was then adopted by the ansatsuken master, a martial arts derived from the assassination arts, Gouken. Gouken taught Ryu everything he knows about the art. He was paired by an American that also wanted to learn the art, Ken Masters, who was sent to Gouken by his father, a good friend who wanted his spoiled son to learn humility and respect through martial arts. Ken became Ryu's sparring partner, and consequently through all their time together his best friend. When he turned 23 years old, Gouken believed Ryu was strong and mature enough to travel and hone his skills against all the martial artists in the world. Ryu entered the tournament known as "The World Warrior". Ryu competed in the tournament and fought many strong fighters in 5 countries, Japan, the United States, Great Britain, China and Thailand. In Thailand, he fought the Muay Thai kickboxer, Sagat known as the "King of the Street Fighters", though technically Sagat had won over Ryu, but Ryu was consumed by his own desire to win the tournament, allows himself to be taken over by the "Satsui no Hadou" (Surge of killing intent) and used the Metsu Shoryuken (Destroying Rising Dragon Fist) to knockout Sagat, leaving the large scar seen on his chest, and thus defeating Sagat. After regaining consciousness, Sagat swears revenge on Ryu.

    [edit] Street Fighter Alpha Series

    After the tournament, Ryu returned to Japan. But, when he returned to see Gouken, he learns that that his master apparently has been murdered. Ryu vows to have revenge. Ken told him that it was another master of Shotokan Karate named Akuma, Ryu searches all over japan and the world to find Akuma, then Ryu was told that Akuma is on a mysterious island off the coast of Japan. As Ryu defeats Akuma, Akuma tells Ryu that he also has the same evil energy that Akuma feels, the Sasui No Hadou, (Surge of Killing Intent) which makes fighters who are overcome with it yearn for victory, even if it means killing the opposition in the battle. So Ryu now fights to control this evil energy inside him, but Ryu finds this difficult. Akuma uses his fist to smash the earth on the island, consequently leaving Ryu stranded. Awhile after escaping the island Ken returns to Ryu and wants to know what he has done, and asks him to spar with him, but Ryu was still preoccupied about what Akuma said to him and Ken defeats him as a result, Ryu told ken about what has happened to him recently, and Ken gave him some words of encouragement and even his own red bandanna. Ryu is highly appreciative of this. Then, Ryu encounter a school girl named Sakura, she was admired by Ryu as he won the World Warrior tournament, Ryu defeats her, and Sakura asks Ryu to teach her, but Ryu believes that he is still learning himself and declines. He does take a picture with her, Sakura swearing to Ryu that someday, he will accept her. Ryu becomes involved in the investigation of a criminal organization named Shadaloo, lead by a man named M. Bison as Ryu had met a Chinese I.C.P.O. officer Chun-Li, and then he met another mysterious woman named Rose who warned him about Bison. Eventually, Ryu met Bison himself despite that Ryu defeated Bison, this did not stop Bison from using his Psycho power to let the evil energy consume Ryu, thus he became Evil Ryu. Then, Sagat, Ken and Sakura had come and encountered Bison, Ken and Sakura fought Bison while Sagat fought Evil Ryu. While Sagat was successful, Ken and Sakura are not, as Ryu fights tha evil energy within, he was fed by encouraging words from Sagat, Ken and Sakura, which allow Ryu to overcome the evil energy and defeat Bison (but not destroy him, of Chun-Li, Charlie, and Guile destroyed Bison's body), then the 4 went their separate ways Ryu now fights to not only perfect his skills, but to control his evil energy.

    [edit] Street Fighter 2

    A few years have passed, Ryu has been training and learning to control his evil energy, then he has received an invitation to another World Warrior tournament, Ryu accepts the invitation and competes in the tournament. Ryu knows that he will need help. So, his partner Ken, a U.S. Air force pilot Guile and Chun-Li set out to defeat Bison. About 12 fighters competed in the tournament, but onyl 5 made it to the finals, Chun-Li and Guile fought Bison first, but were easily defeated, leaving Ryu and Ken to fight Bison. Ryu and Ken fight Bison to the death, and were successful, and the 4 fighters once again went to separate ways, and Ryu being the modest fighter he is does not attend the awards ceremony, as it means nothing to him, because to Ryu, the fight is everything.

    [edit] Street Fighter 4

    Ryu has returned as Bison was far from finished, again Ryu is teamed up with Ken Chun-Li and Guile. Ryu also encountered Sagat again, Ryu fought Sagat and defeated him, but Sagat was honored to have the opportunity to fight Ryu once again without the interference of anybody else. Though Ryu would fight Bison, but he was dead as Akuma killed Bison with the Raging Demon. Then, in a wild state of affairs, Ryu was reunited with his master, Gouken. They have a sparring session with Gouken winning. After the sparring session, Gouken taught Ryu the way to use the energy of Mu, which can nullify the Satsui No Hado within Ryu.

    [edit] Street Fighter 3

    A few more years had passed, and much has changed. Ken now teaches at a shotokan karate school, Ryu ventures to find good fighters, and a new threat is rising, a man named Gill who intends to pick up where Bison left off, and to act revenge on Ryu. Unfortunately, Ryu would lose to the fighter, Oro, but instead of wallowing around in his defeat, Ryu decides to become the student of Oro. After this, Ryu goes and defeats both Ken and another fighter named Alex.

    [edit] Other Appearances

    Ryu makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U as Downloadable Content. Announced on its release date of June 14, 2015, Ryu can be downloaded for $5.99 per version, or $6.99 for both versions.

    His fighting style is distinct, and utilizes the six-button fighting style used throughout the Street Fighter series.

    [edit] Ryu's Fighting Style and moves

    Headstrong in the teachings of Gouken, Ryu uses everything that Gouken has taught him when he fights. Though, in Ryu's travels he has also developed some more devestating moves (quite possibly due to his occasional and partial suucumbtion to the Satsui No Hado), though the only evestating move he has used up to the most recent point is the Metsu Shoryuken (one time on Sagat and another on Hugo).

    [edit] Special Moves

    Ryu trained under Gouken and with it, he has learned lots of special moves of his martial art Ansatsuken (The Assassin's Fist).

    • Fireball (Hadouken)

    Ryu in particular is more proficient in the usage of ki than other characters, notably because he focuses more on the Hado side of Ansastuken. Ryu has learned the primary move of Ansastuken, where he can throw a huge burst of energy from his hands. Ryu though needs to use both of his hands, to form the Hadouken, unlike his master Gouken who needs only one hand to use this special move.

    • Dragon Punch (Shoryuken)

    This is the secondary move of Ansastuken, where Ryu launches himself with his right arm extending upwards. But he can only hit his opponent one time with this move.

    • Hurricane Kick (Tatsumakisenpukyaku)

    Another move of Ansatsuken. Ryu suspends into the air and spins with his right leg extending forward. Like his Dragon Punch, his Hurricane Kick can only hit once but it is enough to knock his opponent down.

    [edit] Super Combos

    • Super Fireball (Shinku Hadouken)

    Ryu has learned by himself to concentrate most of his energy into an even bigger burst of energy when performing his fireball move. It is bigger and can hit his mopponent up to 5 times.

    • Super hurricane Kick (Shinku Tatsumakisenpukyaku)

    Ryu has also concentrated his hurricane Kick enough where it can stay longer in the air and can spin even faster, hitting his opponent up to 12 times.

    • Dark Dragon Punch (Shin Shoryuken)

    Ryu has somewhat developed his Dragon Punch, and can hit more harder and can hit his opponent up to 4 times.

    • Destructive Fireball (Metsu Hadouken)

    Ryu has learned some moves from his enemy [[Akuma and can now use some of his moves. This move can hit like the Super Fireball, but it has more dark characteristics (evidence in the pruple hue of the firebal instead of the usual blue).

    • Destructive Dragon Punch (Metsu Shoryuken)

    Ryu launches his left elbow and uses the Dragon Punch, which hits his opponet up to 3 times. Cannonically, Ryu used this move only once (Against Sagat which helped Ryu win over him and temperarily succumb to the Satsui No Hadou). Since then, Ryu ventured to teach himself to reject the Satsui No Hadou within him.

    [edit] Character Relations

    • Gouken~Because he was raised by Gouken and was trained with everything Ryu knows, Gouken is the closest thing that Ryu has as a father.
    • Ken Masters~As Ken was brought to Gouken when he was young, he trained alongside Ryu. Because of this Ryu and Ken have a brother-like relationship. They're always good to each other, and will have their occasional toils with each other as well.
    • Chun-Li~Though Ryu doesn't know Chun-Li very much, but they respect each other as good fighters and will have an occasional fight. Ryu also receives information from Chun-Li from time to time.
    • Guile~Though, it's uncertain how or when Ryu met Guile, but one time (assumingly after a fight) Ryu served Guile a Japanese meal known as Nattou (a meal consisting of fermented soybeans). Turned out that Guile didn't take a liking to this meal.
    • Sakura~Ryu met Sakura a few days after his fight with Ken. Ryu still weary after his fight and pre-occupied with his awareness of the Satsui No Hadou fights and defeats Sakura. After the fight, Sakura wanted Ryu to take her as her own master. Ryu declines as he's still learning the ways of a martial artist himself, but he still meets Sakura and fights with her occasionally.
    • Sagat~Ryu faced Sagat at the climax of the World Warrior Tournament. By giving into the Satsui No Hadou (by wanting to win the tournament) Ryu uses the Metsu Shoryuken to defeat Sagat. Ryu had a bad relationship with Sagat at first (as Sagat hated Ryu for what he done). But during the events of Street Fighter IV, they faced each other in a friendly fight. Who won is still uncertain, but have reconciled their relationship regardless.
    • M. Bison~Ryu was hunted down by Bison himself as Bison was interested in his abilities and the Satsui No Hadou. Bison defeated Ryu and used his Psycho Power to release the Satsui No Hadou within Ryu (becoming Evil Ryu). Though Evil Ryu was defeated by Sagat. But, Bison remained quite interested in Ryu's fighting abilities.
    • Akuma~Ryu's true main antagonist in his life. Upon learning of Gouken's apparent "death" by Akuma, Ryu hunts down Akuma to avenge Gouken. As Ryu defeats Akuma, he was told of the Satsui No Hadou and destroyed the island. Upon learning of the Satsui No Hadou, and his ordeal with M.Bison, Ryu has taught himself to reject the Satsui No Hadou.

    [edit] Anecdotes

    • Ryu and Ken Masters had created something that became standard in tournament fighting games, make 2 of the same/different (same as having the same moves and appearence but with different personalities).
    • Contrary to popular belief, Ryu has in fact lost more fights than he had won (according to cannon sources of Capcom)
    • In the American cartoon and movie adaptations of Street Fighter, Ryu was given the surname "Hoshi". This is obviously made up for the cartoon and movie as cannon sources have not determine this surname.
    • Ryu's famous quote from Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior and it's iterations: "You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance" was from a huge mistake when translating the game to English. In the Japanese version, Ryu says "You don't stand a chance against my Rising Dragon Fist". In Japanese, Shoryuken means Rising Dragon Fist. American gamers for a time thought that Sheng Long was the master of Ryu and Ken (even mentioned in the TV and movie renditions of the game).
      • Even more interesting, the Super NES versions of the game were the only versions of Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior and it's other iterations to have Ryu's quote correct.

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